Hazel grace and augustus waters relationship goals

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hazel grace and augustus waters relationship goals

Ansel Elgort stars as Augustus Waters and Shailene Woodley stars as Hazel Grace Lancaster in Century Fox's The Fault in Our Stars - Movie still no relationship goals tumblr - Google Search A Culpa É Das Estrelas, Filmes, John I loved this part ♡ Hazel Grace, Tfios, Divergent, Augustus Waters, Movies. Movie & Television Show Couples That Were Actual “Relationship Goals”. Posted By Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace (The Fault in Our Stars). From New.

Again, this is a difficult one to pin down.

  • Movie & Television Show Couples That Were Actual “Relationship Goals”

Hazel enjoys reading, but we only ever see her read books that are crucial to bringing her and Augustus together such as An Imperial Affliction, and the totally-not-a-Duke-Nukem-ripoff series that Augustus recommends. Do her personality or skills change as the plot demands? Twilight and its doppelganger, Fifty Shades of Grey.

hazel grace and augustus waters relationship goals

Hazel is exhibiting informed character traits. Instead of actually showing us her personality through her thoughts and actions, other characters and sometimes, Hazel herself simply tell the reader what she is like, and regardless of anything she says or does, people will always see her as the version of herself that is told to the other characters — and, by extension, to the reader.

hazel grace and augustus waters relationship goals

While she may be exhibiting one hell of an informed personality, her narration and internal thoughts are pretty consistent. Her opinions and attitudes may be completely opposite to her informed personality, but they are at least consistently so, and that deserves a half-point. A young cancer patient seeking meaning in her life and coming to terms with her own mortality.

Augustus Waters (spoilers)

As the story progresses, she gets over her belief that she needs to push them away in order to stop them from getting hurt, becomes more comfortable with their need to celebrate still having her alive, and allows them to comfort her in a way that she would not have done at the beginning of the novel.

This has a huge effect on her relationships and is a serious obstacle for her throughout most of the story.

Hazel and Augustus: Love scene

I touched on this earlier, so apologies if this all sounds a little bit familiar. The movie surrounds the two-star cross lovers, Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters.

Strong Female Characters: Hazel Grace Lancaster

As they venture out into their small town, facing one of the hardest things anyone could face, cancer. The two never allowed their cancer to get in the way of living and loving a normal life.

hazel grace and augustus waters relationship goals

They both constantly cater to each other, wanting to enjoy living life. It is proven that the stars have aligned just for these two star-crossed lovers. Monica Geller and Chandler Bing Friends Imagine knowing someone for almost your whole life, and never thinking that they would be the person you would spend the rest of your life with. Just like Chandler and Monica. And not only that, he married someone who literally cut off his toe.

His daughter passed away at a young age and his wife left him. He has no other family, so of course he is going to need something to rely on. After Augustus' death, he realizes the mistakes that he has made and genuinely seems like he wants to make a change with his life. He has the most concealed personality in the novel. At first we are given the impression from his letter responses that he is a cooperative and regal man.

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As Hazel and Augustus travel to Amsterdam the scenery and description of their visit leads us to believe that their visit with Peter will go smoothly.

Unfortunately we are given a false perception because when we finally meet the notorious Peter Van Houten we see him for who he truly is.

At the time of their meeting Peter states the quote above.