Harley quinn and ivy relationship

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harley quinn and ivy relationship

You know the character most famous for being the Joker's girlfriend? DC Comics just confirmed that she's been in a relationship with a woman. Will BIRDS OF PREY feature HARLEY & IVY as a couple? HARLEY QUINN & POISON IVY's Onscreen Relationship - And Casting. Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy have a far more edgy, complicated, illustrious, and loving relationship than even the most hardcore DC fan is.

She is able, in essence, to be a super villain reliant upon her intelligence and knowledge of the chemical properties she is working with much like the genius required by Mad Hatter to get his mind control to work through his hats. While Harley relies upon literal weapons that she can wield physically, Ivy is able to mold and wield weapons that she can control through chemistry further increasing their capabilities or tweaking them so that they deliver different effects when so desired.

This is subdued compared to The Joker, whom Harley has just received the boot from; literally in this case. The sexual subtext of the relationship has subsequently become text over the years, with even Paul Dini and Bruce Timm confirming the two as having a romantic relationship.

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy became an official couple in this comic book

Albeit abusive at times, the relationship works very well as a give and take for both Harley and Ivy. Harley is able to offer up a form of close companionship for Ivy while supporting Ivy with what I would call field smarts during their stealing methods. Ivy, for her part, deeply cares for Harley in a manner that Joker rarely offers up and Ivy tries to build up Harley from the inside out.

The FULL Harley Quinn Story (Version 2)

For every instance that Harley builds up her confidence and her own ability to stand on her own two feet thanks to Ivy, the progress gets hampered when Joker gets involved.

In their three part mini-series, Harley openly beats up a prison guard with a plunger after she dared to injure Ivy. A similar situation happens in the TV show, when Harley and Ivy even had the help of Livewire, but were still no match for Batgirl and her powerful flying friend. Tommy Elliot, the man behind the bandaged face of Hush, was a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne's.

harley quinn and ivy relationship

Tommy grew up hating both his parents and resented the Wayne family for saving their lives after a car crash. Luckily for her, her new teammates, Poison Ivy and Catwoman, track her down and are able to sneak her out from the clutches of Hush. Poison Ivy is almost always shown to be a woman who has all the strength she needs without the influence of a man - or anyone else, for that matter. She always has a very clear-cut goal, usually connected to her love of the planet and her desire to protect it from harm.

harley quinn and ivy relationship

Harley, on the other hand, is a bit of a loose cannon. It's one of the things fans love about her.

20 Crazy Details About Harley Quinn And Poison Ivy’s Relationship

Both her actions and her dialogue feel off-the-cuff and fun. The only thing that remains somewhat consistent is that she has an unhealthy romantic relationship with The Joker, who she just worships.

harley quinn and ivy relationship

Ivy's goal, in terms of Harley, is usually to get her to realize that she can do so much more than she's been told her whole life. These writers have villains put Harley and Ivy into so many suggestive scenes together.

Showering together, scantily-clad sleepovers, and undressing in front of one another are just a few of the many moments that have alluded to a relationship between them.

DC Comics Confirms Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy Got Married

Over the years, these rather obvious moments have been explored by a more diverse selection of writers who have further developed their relationship. In fact, they added a level of romance and intrigue. They've made these two women have a push-and-pull that have made fans of all ages, genders, and orientations want them to break the tension and be together.

In it, Harley Quinn bargains her freedom in order to get Batgirl to help save Poison Ivy from the villain Kitsune, who aims to either convert Ivy to her cause or get her to hand over the laptop with the formulas for her plant toxins. Batgirl ends up fighting off Kitsune's gang while Harley frees Ivy.

After the chaos, Harley agrees to keep her end of the bargain. Batgirl takes Harley into the police headquarters only to find out that Harley has been paroled previously so she's free to go. Ivy and Harley then drive off together. We and our trusted partners use cookies and tracking technologies to create custom content for your enjoyment and to provide advertising in line with your interests.

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