Grimmy and harry relationship problems

Harry Styles and Grimmy PART 11

grimmy and harry relationship problems

Jul 31, Harry Styles and Nick Grimshaw (Image: Platon / The September issue of GQ on sale 1st August) “The only time it gets really annoying is that if you get into a relationship and you get into a place where you really like. Sep 19, Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw has denied that Harry Styles has been with Nick and also due to his rumoured on/off relationship with Cara. Apr 21, nick grimshaw admit he slept with harry idk how to feel about this ✋ Speculation surrounding Nick and Harry's relationship, dubbed 'Gryles' by . London's Gatwick Airport operated without problems Sunday, but the fugitive.

Bingo! Harry Styles is the greatest bingo caller ever! (At The BBC)

Why would they start another thread anyway? When I suggested that to the Grimmy worshippers in here I was called a bunch of insults, and was met with comments like "how DARE you force me off this thread". But it's ok now because it's the Larry shippers we're talking about?

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It's so funny that you complained about this exact same behavior from the Larry shippers, but now you're doing it yourself. You guys drove people off this thread.

grimmy and harry relationship problems

There was no room for the Larry discussion, everything you said was obviously true, and nothing at all of what the Larry shippers said could possible be true. It's all just fantasy of course, like some rude poster in here said.

I have talked to some of the Larry shippers who felt they were bullied off the thread, and it was no fun discussing anything anymore, because they were shut down no matter what they said. I can personally say that I'm not a larry shipper, but I still believe Louis is gay and that his girlfriend is a cover up.

When I said that in the previous thread, I got shut down because there's "no evidence", just like there's no evidence of Harry being with Grimmy either. We should all be allowed to have different opinions. Just please don't mock other people for their opinions, it's rude, offensive, and just in general bad behavior. No one has been bullied.

Nick Grimshaw's Response To Whether He's Slept With Harry Styles Sends Twitter Into Meltdown

A few idiots have made rude comments, but in my opinion, that should be very easy for mature adults to ignore and carry on with their own debates. Having your views challenged is not bullying. I don't know who you are from the last thread, but you need to let that shit go; how angry you are about it is unhealthy.

I think the reasons for that trip are unclear but he wrote songs with snow patrol when he was there a month ago not in september. We may find out later if that's true or not. You never know with this fandom,one person makes up a lie and it spreads super fast.

grimmy and harry relationship problems

For example i saw a few tweets a couple of hours ago saying they spotted Harry with Taylor in Germany lol. OR all we know is that he went to a Sheeran concert although it was reported that when Stalker Sarah met him he was in the car with an unknown man so who knows really.

grimmy and harry relationship problems

Calling the Larry shippers tinhatters is like the pot calling the kettle black at this point dontcha think? I've tried to find out exactly when he got this tattoo but am having a hard time of it, does anyone know? I was reading some blog articles about the possible meaning behind it I do realize that only Harry knows, but I found the correlation between the tattoo and the book 17 Black and 29 Red by Richard Rider quite intriguing.

Harry Styles from One Direction and BBC Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw

I have not read any of the series, but I wonder if Harry has and if the book was an inspiration for his tattoo, and whether it might relate to a specific person in his life? I think it's really far-fetched, tbh - it seems to be a rather obscure book.

What is it about? I find this more possible to believe than the book theory.

grimmy and harry relationship problems

Harry doesn't strike me for a book person and judging by the fact that he said in an interview he has read and liked 50 shades of Gray i doubt he reads Richard Rider. Most his tattoos are very common especially the birds one,also the locker etc and seem quite random,for all we know the G one was a bet and refers to a sports club that Harry doesn't even support!

Harry Styles ISN'T dating Nick Grimshaw: "Bisexual, me? I don't think so"

That's what my dad does! Two of the main characters are young gay men, one in his teens I think, and one in his 20's?

grimmy and harry relationship problems

They meet and fall in love, but eventually due to responsibilities they part ways, though they are still in love with each other and still keep in touch and try to be together when they can. I am not sure how things end, or what happens in the 3rd book.