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Friendship, relationship or otherwise. Anything revolving around Puck & Rachel interacting will be present here. Glee - Rated: T - English - Sci-Fi/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 13, . Puckleberry one-shot written for the PuckRachel drabble meme. Glee Secretly, he thinks God is starting to get a little impatient. Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance - Puck, Rachel B. - Words: 1, 'Run Joey Run' debacle, she and Noah had been secretly dating, and the her short- lived relationship with Puck while checking out their reflections on. Including Drabble Meme and More. Polyamorous Gleedom writing challenge focusing on the relationship between the characters of Noah Puckerman and.

With his hands still on her ass, he pulled her up, groaning his approval against her skin as she wrapped her legs around his waist. He laid her on the bed sideways, his body covering hers but not before he pulled off his t-shirt.

Taking her hands in his before she could reach out and touch him, he raised them over her head and held them there, grinning down at her as she let out a frustrated growl.

He took his time kissing her lips, sliding to her cheek, her jaw and down the column of her neck, his teeth nibbling on her collarbone. Holding on to her hands with only one of his, his other reach down to her thigh pulling it up higher on his waist as he pressed himself against her core through his pants. Distracted by the sensation, he didn't notice the glint in her eyes only the sudden tightening of her legs around him alerted him of what she intended to do and he found himself suddenly on his back with Rachel over him.

Rachel gave him a curious look that had him letting out a frustrated sigh. Rachel curved the urge to smile. Noah," Rachel gushed, covering her mouth with her hand. Puck gave her a glare. Noah," She said again, this time against his mouth. Shue getting it on, Finn in a cheerio uniform cheering as Sylvester and Mr. Shue get it on. He sat on her bed packing his guitar as Rachel sat at her desk booting up her laptop.

He watched as his girl sang with his guitar playing in the background. He really didn't see a problem, she sounded great. The song came to an end and he watched as Rachel closed in on the camera, her body in front of the lens as she leaned over to turn it off. Only it didn't turn off, instead, her whole body came into focus again and he could hear himself complimenting her as he too came into the frame.

He watched the video knowing what was coming but still enthralled by the picture. He watched as they kissed and his hands slipped down to her bottom. He could hear their heavy breathing, their moans as he picked her up. His mouth went dry as he watched them dry hump. She works to send them to the other side.

After moving to Lima she meets Puck, a ghost that hasn't been dead for very long at all. She intends to send him on to the other side. Peace reviews "You just told me you were afraid of the show and now you want to go into the woods, at night, without any grown-ups and listen to scary stories?

I want to go, Noah, you take me with you. T - English - Humor - Chapters: Enough that when she dreams of Noah dying, she knows it's a message. She just doesn't expect it to be a repeat message.

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Mentions character death, no actual character death. They never realized that Nickelodeon would be one of those obsticles. But horses get diry and armor rusts. Maybe what she needs is a different kind of knight.

One-Shot Glee - Rated: Mike can't handle his friend's breakdown so he has to call for backup. Life is really complicated when you're in love with your best friend's wife and you know that she can never be yours.

Santana came over to her friend and leaned in close. As the months wore on, Puck became less and less permanent in Rachel's life. Not that they weren't trying, it was just things always seemed to come up—always something to do with Quinn. Santana made her dislike for the girl clear, but then again, Santana didn't like many people.

Finn didn't really comment about her, only that she was hot, but that she never let Puck hang out anymore.

Rachel tried to be supportive. It had taken them years to get Puck to commit to someone, and she couldn't exactly criticise him the first time he was serious. But there was just something about Quinn that made her fingers curl in anger.

Something about that prissy way she looked down her nose at everyone and wouldn't talk to them unless directly spoken too. Whenever Puck brought her up, which was often, she would just plaster a smile on her face and nod, making noises under her breath in acknowledgement. Maybe Quinn was just shy, and would eventually open up. That was the only thing Rachel could put it down to, because Puck wasn't a bad judge in character.

But secretly, Rachel agreed with Santana and Finn. As much as she made out that she was happy being just his friend, she had always liked Puck—ever since they were little kids. Somewhere in the middle of high school she realized that she loved him, and had even told him one night when they were drunk. Puck had kissed her, and it had been the kiss that every other kiss was compared to.

He had kissed her until they were out of breath and then he had pulled away and told her that she was too good for him. He had told her that she was the one girl he would always aspire for, but until he knew that he could make her the happiest she could be, they couldn't be together. They had never talked about that night, just pretended that it hadn't happened. But that never stopped her from hoping that one day he would come back to her.

When it hit the six month mark of Puck and Quinn's relationship, though, the hope was definitely more than a little faded. Despite how she felt about Quinn, she saw how happy Puck was, and that was what she wanted for him.

So instead of moping around and bitching to Santana about how much she hated her life, she got on with it. She went out and got drunk in the weekends, she brought guys back to her house and let them distract her. She threw herself into her work and into studies.

While Santana was more than happy to have a drinking partner, the new Rachel worried her a bit. She tried to talk to Finn, and Puck, but both boys just said that Rachel was finally letting go of that uptight high school self. Although, Santana had a feeling that neither of the boys really believed that their little brunette was really hooking up with anyone until they were there one night.

Santana wasn't interested in hooking up with anyone that night and sat on the edge of her seat, glowering at her friend and the blonde she was currently wrapped around. Rachel's short dress was already pushed all the way up her tanned thighs and the guy was running a hand up and down the smooth skin of her legs. The cab finally pulled over and Santana practically fell out in her eagerness to get away. She was so busy opening the door to their apartment and trying to get away from Rachel and the blonde that she didn't notice she had company.

She stopped short when she saw Finn and Puck on the couch, laughing and watching TV, and her eyes widened. She doesn't really like going out, but I haven't hung with you guys in ages," he shrugged again and stood up, looking over Santana's shoulder.

Here," Santana could have closed her eyes and smacked her head against the wall when Rachel came through the door, so caught up in her tongue being in the blonde guys mouth that she didn't realize she had an audience. They had almost made it to the hallway before they pulled apart and Rachel saw the two boys standing in their lounge, and Santana resting against the closed front door.

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Rachel quickly swiped at her mouth with the back of her hand, removing the smeared lipgloss. The blonde guy looked at the two guys and the way they were staring at Rachel. Are one of them your boyfriend?