Find bae and enjoy your relationship in peace

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find bae and enjoy your relationship in peace

Nov 30, Your relationship is in a downward spiral if you feel that way often enough. reach back out, make peace, and do something nice for your partner It's one of the easiest stimulants that can get you to stop fighting with your significant other . enjoy their company and how important the relationship is to you. Apr 2, 25) What are you scared about with our relationship? 57) What's something you enjoy doing that you never get tired of? . How to practice daily meditations to enhance peace and clarity of mind; Learn how to practice Yoga. Find bae and just dont tell nobody about it. Enjoy your relationship in peace Fr from Facebook tagged as Relationship Meme.

Whatever they need, all it takes is one simple question in order for you to better understand your partner and to go deeper in your relationship. Want to encourage even more depth in your relationship?

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Is there any kind of physical touch that I can engage in more that helps you to feel loved? This question refers to non-sexual touch sexual touch is coming up soon. Is there any kind of physical intimacy that they feel is lacking?

Finding alone time when you're in a relationship

Do they want to hold hands more? Do they love it when you play with their hair? Do they adore when you come up behind them and wrap your arms around them? Ask, get clear on what would make them feel more loved, and then incorporate that kind of touch into your daily schedule to the best of your ability.

10 Questions To Ask To Go Deep In Your Relationship

Our individual needs for independence and intimacy vary greatly from day to day. Maybe your partner has been having an emotionally charged week and they need an extra large dose of words of affirmation, physical intimacy, and compliments. People simply have emotional needs that fluctuate depending on a huge variety of elements in their ever-changing lives. And the more you can accommodate your partner, while still being conscious of your own mental and emotional needs, the better.

Is there any argument that we had this past week that you feel incomplete about? Similar to the third question in that this one directly brings up potential wounds from the previous week.

By asking this in a different context, your partner gets to consider whether they thought your arguments felt complete. It basically says that when we are assertive and direct with our desires, it can be uncomfortable.

This question works much in the same way. So be proactive … your relationship will thank you. How do you feel about our sex life lately? One of the main differences between your intimate partner and every other relationship in your life is that you hopefully have sex with your partner. You guessed it… sex. Ask your partner about their level of satisfaction with your recent sex life. When Line and I came together, she still worked 9-to-5 and intended to leave it at that.

Over the months, she recognized that she wants more than just a couple of days of vacation per year and jumped into the adventure of self-employment. Things she would probably not have done before. For many people that is too close and they need some time to allow the other one to get that close. Line and I were a couple for 18 months and actually lived together the entire time but nevertheless did the road trip through Australia and New Zealand put us together even closer.

You see, in a car there is not much space to hide anything. If you are not prepared for so much intimacy yet, you should better not make a road or camping trip. Try it first — try a weekend If you mostly see each other after work and stay for the night either at his or her place and want to be sure that everything fits, I recommend a trial-weekend.

find bae and enjoy your relationship in peace

Have a look at skyscanner and enter the closest big airport. Thus, you will find the most reasonable flight for your trial-weekend. If you do not manage the trial-weekend, you should reconsider taking a longer trip together.

Packing — set boundaries If you read Off The Path I strongly estimate that you do not use suitcases anymore but go for the flexibility of a good backpack. Make sure you know what this means. If you travel a lot during your vacation, it may mean that you will have to carry the backpack for hours. It should not be the case that one partner carries most of the clothes of the other one after about half of the journey, just because he could not judge it correctly.

Take out insurance for both of you If your first trip together does not take longer than 6 weeks, you are perfectly covered by a normal foreign health insurance. It is important to take out a good insurance and to not only rely on the insurance provided by your credit card company.

find bae and enjoy your relationship in peace

Unless you travel to the USA or Canada it will only cost you 1. It will be 4. With that you have covered everything you may need on your trip and it also includes medical repatriation to Germany in case you and your partner need it.

Many years ago I was hit by a car in Australia, and a couple of months ago Line rammed a knife into her foot. It was good to know that there was an insurance company taking care of all the problems. By the way, it is the same with the liability insurance.

If you are as clumsy as we are sometimes, you should have one. Actually, you need one for your household, but also if you drop the I-phone or the camera of the other one. That saves you from a lot of trouble.

On vacation as a couple: It was and still is a huge adventure to get to know the other so well and to experience so much together. Fact is that we often behave in a different way at home than in new situations in an unknown environment that may be stressful.

Or when we suddenly have a new feeling of self-assurance and discover new skills. You should prepare yourself for it and accept them. Plan times on your own If you are not used to spend that much time together, you should allow yourselves time on your own.

There are things you love doing. But your partner does not. I already mentioned an example before: You can certainly do these things on your own. This creates time in which you will miss the other one even more. Use this time and be as silly as you want to be, if you find your Nemo in the sea. Do something together with other couples or people It is amazing to spend that much time with your partner. You will discover sides and will hear stories that will not appear in the initial phase of getting to know each other or in everyday life.

Nevertheless, it could be a bit exhausting always being together. Besides, you do not want to become such a couple that is only on its own, hardly exchanging views with other people.


Therefore, Line and I try to meet other travelers regularly or talk to other couples and spend the evening with them. It is a lot of fun and we have spent some really cool evenings with people from all over the world. So, try to go out from time to time and share activities with others. If you do not like to approach other people, arrange to meet other groups of travelers.

There are many groups on facebook or MeetUp. Do not go out for a drink all the time However, you should not go out with others every day, because most of the time, these evenings are very funny and a lot of alcohol is involved.

You should be cautious with alcohol in general. A glass of wine here, a beer there … that is not necessary and often leads to bigger expenses. Furthermore, it could become stressful if you do not react on alcohol the same way. One of you may be hung over the morning whereas the other one does not have any problems.

Line, for example, always feels good in the morning whereas I am more like grumpy cat and have a hangover. Eat healthy food It is not only about what we drink but of course about what we eat as well. As a man I could only eat meat. Fruits and vegetables would not be on my plate. Fortunately, Line watches out for what we eat, and since we have been a couple, I have been eating healthier. I clung to the short-term comfort he gave rather than the sustainable comfort God could provide.

Stop clinging to the short-term comfort man can give, and cling to the sustainable comfort only God can provide.

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This is common when growing in an intimate relationship with someone, and emotions are a part of the package. However, there will be moments as women when we have to process our emotions, and only God is the perfect counselor. If you get into an argument with your partner, either take time to yourself to pray and present your situation before God prior to communicating with your partner OR communicate with your partner and take your burdens to the throne afterwards.

Either way, Jesus is the only one who died on the cross for you, which means that He is the only one who truly understands your makeup.

Only He can help restore you when your emotions are spilling over. You ask him to fill needs only God can fill. This can look different in every relationship but for me, I was looking for my boyfriend to give me words of affirmations. Your mood is dependent on how your relationship is going. In my case, I was easily led by my emotions.

You would think that I would have used that time intentionally. Instead, I was too worried about the argument I had with my boyfriend the night before. I even called my boyfriend that weekend and talked to him for an hour while my friend was STILL at my apartment.