Falen and julie relationship goals

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falen and julie relationship goals

Aug 23, Explore Aisha Emmett's board "Relationship goals" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Boyfriends, Couple goals and Cute relationships. I didn't feel uncomfortable talking about my relationship with Falen. I don't particularly value the opinion of anyone who would judge me for it. Falen Bad Girls Club Season 9 Bad Girls Club, Google Search, Seasons, Julie from BGCMexico Bad Girls Club, Hair Dos, Up Dos, Hairstyles, Hair Capturing moments like this Cute Teen Couples, Love Couple, Couple Goals, Couple.

More I wasn't worried when everyone was on stage, I was just preparing myself for the inevitable, and because I knew that everyone would gang up on me. I don't think I would describe any of the girls as "haters," I think they all hate me because I made them look stupid, and I find it hilarious to see them all so pissed. While Erika was fighting me, I literally wasn't fazed. I think the fact that I don't care about how they feel probably rubbed salt in their wounds.

I didn't feel uncomfortable talking about my relationship with Falen. I don't particularly value the opinion of anyone who would judge me for it, so it's whatever. I was happy to see Zuly and Falen kiss at the reunion! Haha there was some tension between them, so I was happy to see it squashed. Obviously now, Erika's absence would make me happy instead of sad. When Erika accused me of telling her to talk about Rima's son, I had to roll my eyes. We all saw on the show that Mehgan was the one who did.

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Tanisha saying that I was the one to instigate most of the issues was just the truth. I absolutely manipulated situations in my favor.

falen and julie relationship goals

She had no idea prior to my stating it. At least I gave to charity: My friendship with Mehgan ended because she's a miserable two-faced unappreciative beast who is no fun to be around. Some of the ladies said that Meghan should not have fought Blondie, but she was acting tough once Meghan left the house. She claimed all that fighting was juvenile until the smallest female in the house was being attacked.

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Then she decided to jump on the band wagon and help jump Andrea. Meghan felt that was disrespectful, as I did, and Blondie got what she deserved. Then she cried that she did not feel like fighting at that moment. Did she have the courtesy to see if Andrea felt like fighting?

falen and julie relationship goals

I used to like Blondie until she became apart of the gang instead of standing up for herself and her beliefs like she once did. Initially when these two were beefing at the beginning of the season, I was team Rima; however, now that Rima thinks she is big man on campus, I would love to see her stand up for herself against Erika.

So, Erika steps to Rima and is all in her face talking smack. No one says anything. She sits and takes it as Erika dances in her face.

The best part is the editors adding in the disco lights and disco music. Okay, so they did not fight because Rima would not even look at Erika, but they succeeded in entertaining me for the moment. Okay, so we all know where I stand on Falen, right?

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If you have not followed my previous blogs, she is an instigator, a follower, a pushover and just an all around loser with fried hair. I truly dislike her. Now that everyone is back, silence! So Christina pushes up on Falen until she falls into Rima. Ummm, excuse me Falen, if she had not caught you, your face would be in those pillows!

Now Falen gets gangsta on Rima and all the Vets laugh. She goes back in for Christina and gets body slammed on the concrete.

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Julie jumps up to save her Boo, but Meghan runs up and tells Julie she was going to whoop her ass if she jumped in. The newbie cannot remember that poor girls nameasks why the girls did not fight back.