Elrond and thranduil relationship help

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But he quickly turned aside to help the Men of Lake-town, whose And then there is the relationship between Thranduil, Legolas, and Tauriel. Elrond and Thranduil's relationship So I saw a post asking about the canon He's actually more open than Celeborn, who can't help making. Her marriage to Amdiron stands under a starless sky, dark and cold, void of all When Elrond finished speaking to Thranduil, the king turned.

At this point the Elvenking went into action, leading an army toward the huge treasure. But he quickly turned aside to help the Men of Lake-town, whose homes had been destroyed in battle with the now-dead dragon.

From there the Elvenking went on to the Dwarven mountain expecting to find no one alive; instead Thorin surprised them and refused to negotiate with anyone because the Elvenking had imprisoned him.

elrond and thranduil relationship help

The third incarnation of Thranduil was as a background character in The Lord of the Rings. By the time Legolas returned home he had a song in his heart and a desire for the sea.

This Thranduil was the adventurer from Lindon who founded a kingdom among the Silvan Elves of the east.

elrond and thranduil relationship help

Here he became the son of a Sindarin adventurer, Oropher, who ventured east from Lindon early in the Second Age. This fourth version of Thranduil led his people further north to found the kingdom that Thorin eventually traveled through. He was a traveled elf who had seen horrors in war. He was wise and good but reluctant to play any further part in the great affairs of Middle-earth. My feeling is that his character owes a little something to each of these four kingly characters.

The Thranduil we see in the movies is more complex than the Elvenking of The Hobbit. I think there is good reason to make him complicated, because the character in the book plays such a small role in the story he would seem little more than a contrivance on the screen; something akin to, say, a street vendor rather than a great king. That is very similar to how the story unfolds in the book.

These gems appear to be his only interest in the treasure of Erebor in the movie. In a recent spy report from TheOneRing.

elrond and thranduil relationship help

Net Thranduil seems to only be interested in the gems. Rumor has it Elrond could have made a claim to be the next High King of the Noldor, and his brother became the first king of Numenor, so the potential for a royal title is certainly there. But Elrond is only the Lord of Imladris.

Hierarchy Among the Elves

He is incredibly wise, and much more accessible than Galadriel in terms of people coming to him for advice. Elrond, though initially created specifically for The Hobbit, is the only character to appear in all three major stories unless you count the Gandalf shout-out in the beginning of the Silmarillion, which I do not.

A distant though not insignificant, relative. Beyond this, he had to have been pretty close to Thingol, being a lord of Doriath. He had a somewhat rocky, though important, relationship with Celebrimbor, and developed a good friendship with Elrond. It also seems that he had a good relationship with Thranduil and possibly Oropher as well. He fought in the War of Sauron and the Elves, and then eventually went on to rule Lorien with Galadriel. Celeborn, like Galadriel, had the opportunity to claim a few royal titles in Eregion as well as Lorien.

However, he remains the Lord of Lorien only. Oropher must have been a reasonably important elf in Doriath, since he became the leader of the Sindarin elves that travelled east to live among the Silvan elves. His closest political relationship is to the men of Dale and Esgaroth, which in the grand scheme of politics in Middle Earth is pretty insignificant. Thranduil is king of Mirkwood, and the only Elvenking left after the death of Gil-galad. Thranduil is, by all accounts, a fair and wise ruler.

The stories of the elves of Middle Earth are overwhelmingly told from the Noldorin point of view.

Why are Lord Elrond and King Thranduil so

As a Sindarin elf, this puts Thranduil at a distinct disadvantage. Celeborn largely escapes this fate through his marriage to Galadriel, a Noldo.

He only beats them on paper, due to technically having the title of Prince, while they do not. But see this post for more information on inherited power among the elves, if interested.

This is likely because the couples that created the peredhil - Beren and Luthien, Tuor and Idril, were so incredibly important in the First Age that being their descendant is too much of an honor to also be a detriment.