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Brendan Hines reveals that Loker will stand up to Lightman in the third Lie To Me star Brendan Hines has revealed that his character Eli Loker will to vice president will not improve his relationship with Lightman. Hines also dismissed the idea that Loker will get together with Torres (Monica Raymund). Los Angeles Times interview, "Lie to Me Do not lie to me," Eli Loker the relationship between the Loker and Torres, Loker and Torres will be . Manu, I think we can be positive about more room to characters of Eli and Ria in Season 3. . millionaire who made his fortune in the stock market will go back to. Unlike Ria Torres, whom Lightman calls "a natural", Loker acquired his skills in to vice president, which puts a rift in any developing relationship between him.

Cal was shocked by his employee's doing.

The Brit was left thinking 'Now, this new Loker is someone I'd like to know…' Kiss The first time Loker pressed his lips against Lightman's was a rather normal Wednesday.

Normal as in bomb threats, psychotic killers and hasty decisions. Hasty like sending in Loker to talk to a suspect alone; which led to the blue eyed man to be held hostage.

Well, until he got free from the rope holding him and was able to break a full vodka bottle on the guy's hand. The pain from having alcohol poured on his new open wounds made the killer pass out. Eli called his boss and let him deal with the police and the paramedics.

The instant that he saw Cal arrive, he got up from the ambulance he was in and walked towards the Brit.

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Kissing a man wasn't new to either of them. But kissing like your own soul depended on it? Yeah, that was new. Don't get bloody kidnapped next time! Anyway, I have no idea where to go now. Torres was drinking her coffee near the sink when they came in, but moved to one of the chairs near the other women.

I mean, Loker told me he loved Lightman but I never thought-" "Cal has been staying over here after office hours-" "We're bad at this.

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How did we not see it? It started with a simple kiss after a cup of coffee. It's not good for you, Love. Now knowing that he wouldn't get slapped, Cal got more daring, even interrupting the blue eyed man's talk with Torres once.

He got a whack over the head that one time. Not by Loker, but by Ria 'We're talking here. However, he didn't let that stop him on his quest to conquer those lips. You're worse than a woman!

My Three Musketeers for your Toblerone. Emily, Loker and Foster are Lightman's biggest weak spots. Specially Eli, with the kidnappers' predilection of him.

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Seriously, five times in six months is too much. Sure, he knows his husband can take care of himself knocking out three of the five kidnappers isn't an easy feat to accomplish ; but one always worries. Ria Torres In the Pilot episode, he bluntly tells Torres upon first meeting her, "I would like to sleep with you. I have no chance with you. Uh, do I have any chance with you? You always tell the truth? How good are you in bed? Fair's better than most. Eli and Ria work closely together and seem to become good friends throughout Seasons 1 and 2 after Loker confides in her that he lied to Foster in the episode " Depraved Heart ".

When this becomes an issue that results in the Lightman Group allegedly being sued in " Undercover ", Ria continues to lie to keep Loker's deception a secret, though this turns out to be a test of her loyalty from Cal. Relationship with Torres in later episodes Edit Underlying sexual tension continues between the two later on in Season 2, such as in " Fold Equity " where Torres and Loker debate on whether his date really likes him or not.

The two share an intimate moment after Ria reveals that she'd lied when she's said the girl wasn't interested in him, the two getting very close when she tries to make a point by staring into his eyes and he touches her knee.