Dr cox and jd relationship memes

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dr cox and jd relationship memes

Explore Brandy Borges's board "JD,Dr. Cox, oh! And the janitor" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Scrubs tv, Tv quotes and Hilarious. 10 quotes have been tagged as scrubs: J.D Scrubs: 'I guess its because we all want to “Relationships don't work the way they do on television and in the movies. “Dr. Cox: Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present, Man Not Caring. Dr. Cox & "Barbie" talk about make-up & clowns 24 Reasons Your Romantic Relationship Will Never Compare To J.D. And Turk's - BuzzFeed Mobile.

Cox is initially hesitant to take the job out of fear of losing the connection he has with his patients. Although it takes a few days, Kelso convinces him to accept the position. Cox's quirks is that he knows if someone is standing behind him and who it is, without turning around to check. This quirk is defied in " My Finale " when J.

He is also a very good golfer, regularly besting Kelso. According to a interview with McGinley, Cox's reason for hating Jackman may be that Bill Lawrence envies the actor's talent. McGinley is a Red Wings fan and a close friend of former Detroit defenseman Chris Chelioswhose name can be seen on the back of Cox's jersey.

He has also been seen wearing a T-shirt for Cheli's Chili Bar, a small chain of restaurants owned by Chelios. Cox is often seen drinking scotch and has acknowledged humorously that he has a drinking problem. Cox drinks so much that J.

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Cox constantly berates the residents, giving John "J. The one person he openly admits to tolerating is head nurse Carla Espinosa Judy Reyes. Throughout Season 1, he and Turk compete for her affections, with Cox eventually bowing out when he sees that Turk and Carla are in love. In one episode, it is seen that Cox helped Turk with how to deal with women when they are mad, Turk eventually taking Perry's advice. Turk soon learns that Carla and Cox went on a date before Turk came to the hospital.

Cox makes this decision after being told by Kelso that his own promotions by Kelso were against the latter's personal disdain for Cox, yet Cox's excellent medical knowledge made him the best candidate nonetheless - a feature that Turk shares with Cox.

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He berates Elliot almost as much as J. However, he has also been known to stand up for her: They disagree constantly about the best way to provide care, with Cox advocating for patients and Kelso adhering to the hospital's bottom line. At one point, he even punches Kelso in the face. Cox has had limited interactions with veteran nurse Laverne Roberts Aloma Wrighthis cynicism drives him to mock her strong religious beliefs on occasion.

This culminates in Cox confronting her about a seemingly "miraculous" accident, unwilling to accept it as divine intervention. Visibly upset, Laverne replies that after 24 years as a nurse, she has to believe in a "bigger plan", otherwise she'd lose all hope. Taken aback, Cox uncharacteristically apologizes and sincerely replies that he wishes he could also believe that.

Nonetheless, Cox has shown concern for J. He refuses to say this directly to J. A flash-forward scene at the end of the episode suggests that Cox will be a part of J. He has a sister, Paige Cheryl Hineswho is a born-again Christian. He opposes the Iraq War and is disgusted when Elliot reveals that she is a Republican. Cox and Paige] from room to room.

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They immediately resume the role of husband and wife since they have already reconciled, but they quickly become dissatisfied with being an ordinary married couple, so they agree to go back to acting as though they were divorced, even going so far as to actually legally divorce with Ted again ending their marriage.

In later seasons, Cox quietly resumes wearing his wedding ring, and Jordan soon acquiesces to the marriage title after the birth of their second child, and it is implied that they have remarried. He has two children with Jordan: When Jordan first becomes pregnant with Jack, she tells Cox that she was impregnated by a Greek bellboywanting Cox to stay because he wants to rather than out of obligation to his child.

Cox has a very unorthodox way of raising Jack, often treating him like his "drinking buddy". Some of the fanbase speculates that Dr. Cox is a Jerkass to JD partially because he doesn't want JD to idolize him as he sees himself as a terrible role model. That you want to be like me? Particularly infuriating since John C. McGinley has had some of the most phenomenal, intense scenes on the show.

The ending of "My Lunch". How the HELL did that not get him an award or at the very least, a nomination?

dr cox and jd relationship memes

And speaking of Braff, he only got nominated for a single Emmy during the entire run of the show. Cox is the absolute epitome of this trope; each and every one of his bragging rants is a Moment of Awesome. Is Carla a well intentioned Spicy Latina who's controlling and overbearing ways stem from a tough childhood and a genuine want to help people?

dr cox and jd relationship memes

Or is she a bossy and manipulative bitch who has to be right all of the time, and treats her supposed friends and husband like they're beneath her? Is Elliot a sympathetic character? Some feel that her low self-esteem and dysfunctional upbringing justifies it, but others feel that it doesn't excuse her selfish or neurotic actions when she's loathed with self-doubt.

On the one hand, he's a sympathetic loser that's afraid of going somewhere with his life and knows it when he told Dr.

dr cox and jd relationship memes

Moreover, he gets his act together thanks to J. On the other hand, he mooches off his brother, teases his brother at the worst times, and once slept with Elliot despite knowing that she and J.

dr cox and jd relationship memes

Whether Dan deserves pity or not and whether he has significantly changed or not greatly varies between each fan. Scrubs is actually considered to be better on DVD rather than Netflix because so much of the music has been changed for licensing reasons, and not always for the better. Some airings, particularly E4also heavily censored the show when it was shown before the Watershed.

Either the worst thing to happen to the show, or a decent season brought down by Fan Dumb and huge expectations. For a show that is usually really good about being factually accurate their portrayal of Turk's Diabetes is shockingly ill-informed.

Aside from the unlikelihood of a person like Turk developing Type 2 Diabetes, which is usually the result of prolonged obesity, the show treats the illness as if it were basically AIDS - a guaranteed death sentence.

At one point Turk even gives a dramatic speech about his Diabetes, musing about how old he'll be when it takes him. In real life Type 2 Diabetes is not only easily survivable with many diabetics living long and successful lives, but it is in fact even potentially reversible. Crosses the Line Twice Todd. The first season's Christmas episode. Listing all the horrible things Turk has to see that day? Cox singing it to the tune of "The Twelve Days of Christmas"?

Denise in Series 8 and 9. Jordan, who was originally intended as a one-shot character, but her popularity made her part of the main cast. The Janitor for his stupendous humor, which led to him becoming the show's Breakout Character.

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Hooch only appears in four episodes but he's one of the most memorable and well remembered characters. Stephanie Gooch, despite only appearing in the second half of season 8 and a one-off appearance in season 9, has a lot of fans thanks to being so utterly adorable and good-hearted. Cox has been in a stable relationship with his ex-wife since season 2. It's also kind of ironic because canon-wise, J.

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Believe it or not, J. Bill Lawrence has stated that the end of the third season was supposed to definitively shut down that relationship. He eventually caved under fan pressure, adding more Ship Tease between the two in later seasons and having them get back together in the eighth season.

Many fans weren't happy with Season 9. Even more fans were unhappy with the implication that Gooch had left Ted in one episode of Cougar Town.

dr cox and jd relationship memes

Worse that she supposedly left him for Hooch! The show in general qualifies as this, but Dr. Cox alone has to go down as one of the biggest meme generators in all of sitcom history. John Ritter's line in his guest-star appearance: I'm a big fan of those things!