Describe hernia and lysander relationship quotes

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describe hernia and lysander relationship quotes

Yikes! In the play's opening scene, we discover that Theseus and Hippolyta are about to be married because Theseus conquered Hippolyta and her people (the . Lysander and Hermia represent a couple who is physically devoted to each other but is also not the strongest of couples. We see their weaknesses as a couple. The two of them really define the passion and true love. In this quote Lysander is telling Hermia that from everything he has heard from stories and history, the.

Note that even before the fairies appear, love is seen as a supernatural, external power that takes a person over and destroys reason. It is also seen as anti-authoritarian. Active Themes Theseus speaks to Hermia, advising her to obey her father, and adding that Demetrius is a worthy man.

When Hermia responds that Lysander is also worthy, Theseus says that Egeus's support of Demetrius makes him worthier. Theseus is fair, but as Duke he is also the embodiment of law and order. And order in Athens is male dominance.

Hermia wishes her father could look at Lysander through her eyes, but Theseus responds, "Rather your eyes must with his [your father's] judgment look" 1.

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Hermia implies her eyes are already affected by love. Theseus wants her to see according to reason. Active Themes Hermia asks what will happen if she refuses to marry Demetrius. Theseus gives the following choices: When Hermia says she will become a nun, Theseus advises her to think about it and give him her decision on his wedding day.

describe hernia and lysander relationship quotes

Theseus seems much less willing than Egeus to execute Hermia, but he nevertheless supports the law and men's dominance over women, even in the face of love. But Lysander snaps that since Demetrius has Egeus's love, he should marry Egeus.

describe hernia and lysander relationship quotes

Egeus, furious, vows to give what's his to Demetrius. Lysander comes down decidedly on the side of love over reason or law. Active Themes Lysander points out that he's as well born and wealthy as Demetrius. He adds that Demetrius is an inconstant lover: She is jealous of the way Demetrius goes after Hermia. Call you me fair? Demetrius loves your fair. With these features she Helena says that she would attract Demetrius and except him, unlike Hermia who wishes him away.

She asks Hermia to teach her the art of her beauty and win the affection of Demetrius heart. The last character that shows jealousy is Hermia.

  • Does true love exist in this play?

She shows Jealousy when Lysander is spelled, and falls for Helena. While under a spell, Lysander tells Hermia: Ay, by my life And never did desire to see thee more. Therefore be out of hope, of question, of doubt: He also tells her to not question or doubt, but to be certain that he hates her and loves Helena. With Hermia shocked and heartbroken she shows her confusion and jealously to Helena. Although all of these Characters show acts of Jealously, They find happiness in the end.

Blind love is love which sees only positive aspects in the beloved. It does not look at others faults and bad habits, its blind faith. The Characters that show this are Lysander, Demetrius, and Titania. Lysander and Demetrius show blind love when both of them are under a spell. They show blind love for Helena and both want to be with her. With both of them use to loving Hermia, but now wanting the affection of Helena.

They try to force each other to take Hermia and leave there self with Helena.


Although he already is to play the role of Pyramus, Bottom thinks he should play the lion and Thisby as well. It is decided, however, that Flute should play Thisby, Snug should play the lion, Starveling should be Thisby's mother, and Snout Thisby's father. Quince tells the men they must all know their lines by the next night when they will rehearse in secret in the woods near Athens.

Act 2, Scene 1 The woods outside Athens are filled with fairies, presided over by their king and queen, Oberon and Titania. A mischievous servant to Oberon, Puck also known as Robin Goodfellowand a fairy who serves the queen discuss the intense fight raging between the magical royal couple. The feud, so tempestuous that the fearful elves "Creep into acorn-cups" 31 for protection, is over a changeling, a "lovely boy, stol'n from an Indian king" 22whom Titania has made her personal attendant.

Jealous Oberon desires to take the boy from Titania and make him "Knight of his train" 25but Titania refuses to let Oberon make the changeling his page.

Puck and the fairy cut short their conversation as they hear their masters approach from different sides of the forest. As soon as Oberon and Titania see each other they begin to quarrel. Oberon again asks for the boy but Titania insists that she can never part with the changeling due to an obligation to his dead mother, a mortal who was once in her service. Titania leaves and Oberon vows revenge, exclaiming, "I will torment thee for this injury" He orders Puck to pick a flower called love-in-idleness and, while Titania is sleeping, Oberon will squeeze drops of its juice onto her eyelids.

While Oberon awaits Puck's return, he sees Demetrius, followed by Helena, begging to be taken back. Demetrius is cruel, telling Helena that he becomes sick when he looks at her, but nothing he can say or do will quell her consuming desire.

Oberon is unhappy that Demetrius does not return Helena's love and decides Demetrius should have a dose of the magical juice also. When Puck returns, Oberon explains the change in plans: A sweet Athenian lady is in love With a disdainful youth: Effect it with some care, that he may prove More fond on her than she upon her love: And look thou meet me ere the first cock crow.

They leave her sleeping on the soft leaves, and Oberon quietly enters to put the magic drops on Titania's eyelids. The two lovers, Hermia and Lysander, weary and lost in the dense wood, decide to rest until morning. As they sleep Puck arrives and naturally assumes that, since they are Athenian and sleeping apart from one another, they must be Demetrius and Helena. Thus Puck mistakenly sprinkles the juice onto Lysander's eyelids.

Demetrius comes running through the forest pursued by Helena who cannot keep up the chase.

A Midsummer Night's Dream Disapproval of Lysander's Love for Hermia

Demetrius leaves Helena behind and when Lysander awakes, Helena is the first person he sees. The juice works -- Lysander falls madly in love with Helena. She is offended by his advances and runs away but Lysander follows her, leaving the sleeping Hermia alone. When Hermia wakes, terrified by a nightmare, she sees Lysander is gone, and sets off to find him. Act 3, Scene 1 Bottom and his associates arrive in the wood to begin rehearsing the play.

Quince is ready to start at once but Bottom insists that the script needs changes. Puck happens upon the rehersal and decides to play a trick on the tradesmen. He gives Bottom the head of an ass, which everyone can see but Bottom.

The men are horrified by Bottom's transformation and they run off, screaming "O monstrous!