Daine and numair relationship with god

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daine and numair relationship with god

Oct 23, One-shot: Daine and Numair, their relationship strengthening daily, face . spent three years hiding from Ozorne—gods curse his black soul. I don't like Daine and Numair's relationship simply because Daine and all the heroines are role models. I don't want to see a 13 or 14 year old. Dec 20, Daine and Numair struggle to understand their relationship after the war . It was a gift from her mother that the badger god had brought to her.

My first time through, I also missed the moment when Alanna finally decides to sleep with Prince Jonathan. It was only as I came back to the books that I began to understand the full range of adolescent issues Pierce had addressed so deftly, realized that the stories worked on multiple levels — as adventure tales for children, as guides to the challenges and pitfalls of adolescence, as romances attuned to the many facets of youthful love and lust.

Pierce did not set out to write for an adolescent audience. At the time, Pierce was working as a housemother at a group home for teenage girls, and they became her audience. I told it to them the way I thought they would respect. I had lost any illusions about teenagers I had ever had. I wrote about the things those girls had taught me teenage girls thought and did and I was straightforward about it.

Without knowing it, without really thinking about it, I just made a pact with my readers that I was going to be as straightforward with my readers as I could be. Pierce promptly marched her to the nearest drugstore to show her the over-the-counter options. At the group home, one of the teenage girls already had a child, and another was pregnant, but Pierce discovered they knew very little about female anatomy or reproductive health.

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So she located a plastic model of the female abdomen and uterus and used it to give impromptu biology and sex education lessons in the dining room. Kel also receives advice on birth control, this time from her mother, Ilane. Then, if you do get carried away, you can surrender to your feelings. Alanna and Kel and other Pierce heroines weigh seriously whether or not they want to have sex and with whom and what the consequences will be.

Here is Kel debating whether to sleep with her friend and fellow squire Cleon: She wondered why he joked about making love to her but never tried to do so. Squires tumbled girls of the lower classes all the time; they were infamous for it. Kel feared both possible explanations for his refusal to press her.

Either her large, muscular body was ugly to him, which seemed unlikely when they kissed; or he meant to marry her as people of their station married, with the bride a virgin.

When her agent, Claire Smith, suggested that Pierce turn the original Alanna manuscript into a series of shorter books for young adults, Pierce toned the stories down. But the books still featured forthright discussions of menstruation, sex, and contraception, especially when compared to other young adult fantasy novels. Still, Pierce has said that she encountered very little pushback when she began publishing in the s. The only fight Pierce recalls with her first editor, Jean Karl at Atheneum, was over a scene in Lioness Rampant in which Alanna drinks wine as medicine.

Silver-laced black fire wrapped around her when she turned to run again. Laughing shouts, only one in a few words distinct, followed. It took several moments for anyone to gather enough wits to speak. Thayet watched with growing amusement. She had thought, later, when his behaviour had been no different than normal, that it had simply overprotectiveness due to being in the country he had once fled, but maybe… George was watching the moonlit couple calmly.

Don't you—" Alanna demanded, not precisely sure what she was asking—only knowing she felt left in the dark, and was very frustrated with her friends. If they're happy together, why should it bother ye? Why didn't Daine tell me? They deal with their troubles in their own heads, an' hate askin' advice on anythin'.

Talkin' about such things—it's like askin' fer help, in their minds. And if they're as tired as ye've said, they've barely had th' time to think, much less chat about what's happened betwixt 'em.

Unlike their watchers, she and Numair could hear every word being spoken by her friends thanks to the wind carrying their voices. When Onua has been so silent and Alanna had sounded angry, she'd been afraid that by revealing the truth, she would lose the friendship and respect of two of the most important people in her life. Her friends still sounded upset, but not over her and Numair, only about their deception.

She blew out a relieved breath against Numair's shirt. He'd been solemn, a sure sign of nerves, and Daine had made him laugh when she suggested that telling them seemed rather dull—wouldn't showing them be more effective.

A moment later, when she'd tripped, he'd taken her suggestion to heart. Long months of travel and fighting, of negotiating between immortals and humans, of battling spidrens and Stormwings and bandits, and rebuilding from the destruction of the Immortals War, had worn them both to the bone. The one bright spot in the last year had been each other and exploring what they shared. Even that was fraught with tension, however—not only were they both deeply afraid that the other would come to regret the relationship, but they had hidden it from everyone, including their friends.

Daine was common-born, and a bastard to boot—even though her father was actually a god—and Numair was from a higher class, as well as being well-educated, and there was fourteen years between them. Despite that, their relationship might have gone largely unmarked—if they weren't famous and very much in the public eye.

Both knew, within themselves, that they were wholly committed to the other—it was lingering fears that one day, the other would see something they no longer wanted that haunted them. Still, over the last weeks, those thoughts had surfaced less and less as, in becoming lovers they had begun sharing more of those draining thought. Once spoken, their fears seemed to lose some of their strength, particularly in the face of Daine and Numair's steady, informal commitment to each other. In the moonlight, his velvety brown eyes looked black, but the adoration she had become so accustomed to was still apparent.

She could honestly no longer imagine not seeing that love in his eyes everyday—and was finally beginning to believe that she would never have to. Onua, Alanna, George, and Thayet watched them with varying degrees of shock and amusement when they saw no surprise at being observed in the lovers' faces. I suppose that just tellin' us what was in th' wind was too complicated fer ye. Numair squeezed her hand in his as he responded mildly: Let 'em speak their piece afore you let lose. Goddess bless, it's not that complicated.

I thought I was paying rather close attention to you both, but you slipped this past me, so perhaps not. This is a pleasant alternative. What does that make you now? She loved these women—of all her friends, she was only closer to Numair than these two. Onua, who had given her a chance despite her youth and her lies, who had become first her employer, then her friend and mentor, and eventually an older sister, who had brought her to Tortall and opened her life to all that had happened; who had been her first real friend, not only in Tortall, but in her life.

And Alanna, who had been a legend come to life, a myth who was flesh and blood, who swore and cursed and was shorter than expected, who made mistakes, and just by being herself had shown Daine that if the Lioness was a normal woman, then an ordinary peasant girl from Galla could make something of herself as well; Alanna had made her see that nobles were human too, and had trusted her—not only with a job or a duty, but with the defense of her home, husband, and children while she fought for her country.

And then, when we came back, there was the war—and then recovering from the battle—and we didn't even talk about it for weeks, because it was different when we weren't in the immortal realms, or about to maybe die in battle, and it seemed more real then—and that made it even more frightening than even the final battle with Ozorne. Wanting to remain undisturbed by anyone, or any of the People, Daine raised the barriers on her magic, cutting off her connection to the animals.

Slowly, the two made their way to Daine's bed, losing articles of clothing on the way. So far he hasn't been able to find or sense her. Alanna, who was starting to get the idea that something was up, told the other girls, "Oh well, it's no big deal.

We'll see them sooner or later. Maybe they went somewhere else to watch the shower. Let's go into the gardens. They strolled together into the gardens, where people were beginning to gather to watch the shower. The court mages predicted the shower to happen directly overhead for almost 1 hour. Ladies were trying to arrange themselves in the chairs set out so as to be comfortable, but not ruffle their skirts. Buri, Onua, and Alanna, all in formal, yet practical breeches, laughed to each other and made themselves comfortable on the ground.

Alanna got three drinks from a servant walking nearby. Handing one each to her friends, she proposed a toast. Meanwhile, in Daine's room, she stirred sleepily in Numair's arms. He kissed the top of her head, then her forehead. Slowly he kissed her eyelids as she lifted her face towards his. She snuggled closer to him, rubbing her nose in the hollow at the base of his throat. Numair smiled and laughed.

I take it that also means you feel okay? She shuddered slightly, grinning up at him. Letting down the barriers a little on her magic, Daine realized the palace animals were all calling for her. Translating for Numair, she told him, "Onua told Tahoi that if she has to suffer through hours of conversations between empty headed lords and ladies, we have to suffer, too.

Shall we go to watch the gods sprinkling the realm with their divine dust? Getting out of the covers, she felt Numair's eyes on her. She turned to hide her blush, and was pulled back onto the bed. Numair kissed the back of her neck, then her shoulder blades, rubbing her back as he did so. Daine closed her eyes in pleasure. Numair threw the covers off himself as well, and then scooped up Daine in his arms. Setting her on the floor, he handed her the discarded silk clothes and tunic, picking up his own underclothes and robe.

The shower had just started to the delight of all the onlookers when Daine melted out of the bushes to sit down next to Alanna, Buri, and Onua. All three looked at her, but before anyone could say a word, Numair came up to the group as well, running a hand through his disheveled hair.

Alanna lifted an eyebrow at Daine, who kept a steady gaze and nodded. Alanna grinned and hugged her young friend. Buri and Onua watched the silent exchange, confusion writ on their faces. Oh…" Buri looked at the group, and then began to laugh.

daine and numair relationship with god

Daine grabbed Numair's hand, who had come to sit very close next to her. She looked up into his eyes as he answered, "Since we fought to get out of the Divine Realms. You two were," she cocked her head to the side to think of the right word, "different, is all I can say, when you came back to us.

Right under my nose the whole time, and I had no idea. You know what the gossips are going say. We finally decided we didn't care. Our happiness is worth more than what a bunch of idle-brained people have to say. And if anyone has anything to say while any of us are around, we'll set them straight. They all cared about her and Numair, about their happiness, not what was considered proper etiquette. She was so happy to have friends like these. I wasn't sure if you would—" "Approve?

daine and numair relationship with god

Of course we do. You two are intelligent individuals; you wouldn't rush into a situation like this for no reason and with no thought," Alanna stated. Now, let's see what we came here to see," she said, settling back to look at the sky. Buri and Onua both gave Daine and Numair a hug and laid back also to watch the shower. Daine looked up at Numair, who gave her a long, sweet, passionate kiss, in full view of anyone who was looking.

Lying down on the ground, Numair pulled Daine into the curve of his arm. Settling themselves comfortably, they relaxed and enjoyed the show in the sky. Stretching her back, Daine woke up from a long, deep sleep. For a moment she had no idea where she was, but then she remembered. Last night, the night after the shower, she had joined Numair in his rooms, without a second thought as to what the palace gossips would have to say.

She closed her eyes, lying back amongst the pillows, recalling every word and touch of last night. Numair had been one of the first Tortallans she had met on her road to the capital.

He had taught her how to come to understand her magic, and therefore herself. He helped her to see that she was never insane, and he made her realize that she was a valuable, gifted individual. They had always worked well together as a team, traveling through Tortall during the midst of the Immortals war. To Daine, it seemed as if often times they never even needed speech to communicate.

daine and numair relationship with god

She knew what he was planning just as he knew what she was thinking. They were so perfect together that Daine wondered how it took them so long to evolve their relationship into the state it was in now. She smiled to herself as she recalled the day in the Divine Realms when he had kissed her. She had thought she might never see him again, he had thought her to be dead.

It took almost forever losing each other for them to express their true feelings. From that moment on, Daine knew her heart would belong to only one man, her teacher, partner, and true love. Numair kissed her lightly on the lips, disturbing her romantic reverie. Would you like to go down to breakfast, my love? I heard her come in, but I didn't see her; I was…occupied. Do you want to come to breakfast with us? Kitten shook her head and climbed onto the bed, curling herself up among the pillows.

Numair ran a hand along her spine ridge. Daine stood on her tiptoes to kiss him on the chin. They walked out of Numair's rooms arm-in-arm and into the hall, shutting the door behind them.

On their way to the mess hall, whispers and veiled glances followed their progress. Walking into the mess hall, both Daine and Numair grabbed trays and got food.

Settling down at a table, they sat down to discuss the day's plans for continuing repairs. Absorbed in their conversation and each other, neither of them noticed Thayet coming to sit next to them. Looking from Numair and Daine, Thayet lifted an eyebrow at the two.

She knew the K'miri woman would understand, though, just like Onua and Buri did. Thayet's face broke into a broad grin, brightening her lovely features. It's about time some good came out of this war. He didn't worry what the king would think, but it would definitely amuse him to know what he would have to say when he found out. Thayet laughed, obviously visualizing Jon finding out.

daine and numair relationship with god

Poor man, he's up to his eyeballs now though in repairing the kingdom and strengthening foreign alliances. Emperor Kaddar is struggling to maintain his hold over Carthak, and the Isles' rulers are growing more and more unstable.

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Our coast was ravaged by the war, and the inland suffered, too. What am I telling you two for? Slow but steady, things are coming back together. My lord is hoping to bring all of this to a close soon so that he can concentrate on other matters. You'll both be there, of course?

Thayet stood up and put a hand on Daine's shoulders. Daine stood and brushed off her pants. But I still feel I ought to do what I can. I'll see you in the conference room at noon? Numair stood up next to Daine, bent at the waist to kiss her, pulled her close, and firmly, yet tenderly, pressed his lips to hers.

Conversation in the mess hall died down to a dull whisper, almost all eyes on them.

daine and numair relationship with god

His eyes twinkling, Numair kissed Daine once more on the nose, "See you then, magelet. Daine, smiling in spite of, or perhaps because of, the kiss followed him out and headed for the stables. A few hours later, Jon sat at the table in the conference room. Fingers buried in his hair, he sat with his head in his hands, looking at the stack of papers in front of him. Some papers were complaints from nobles in war torn lands that their crops from the summer were ruined, but other papers were of towns successfully repairing the damage from the war and managing to harvest some good crops.

It could be worse, Jon told himself, trying to stay optimistic.