Code geass lelouch and cc relationship quiz

[MISC] Official texts on Lelouch & C.C.'s - hiatus

code geass lelouch and cc relationship quiz

[MISC] Official texts on Lelouch & C.C.'s relationship A compilation of C.C.'s character description from guidebook Code Geass: Lelouch of. Lelouch and C.C <3 C Code, Code Geass, Lelouch Vi Britannia, .. lelouch and CC wedding Code Geass Wallpaper, Manga Anime, Anime Kiss, Anime Art. Are you a Code Geass fan? Well here's a quiz to put your knowledge to the test about it's beloved protagonist.

The fate he should live. His sins piled up, his dreams lost, his future closed. Still, the boy burns to ambition. He can not turn back. Only the girl knows everything. And so the boy and the girl became accomplices of the past and solitude. Both the contract and the power of the king are different, each with its own intention. I was afraid that I was nothing more than a tool to end your eternal life.

But now I know your weakness that differs you from the nun, the Code bearer from your past; you are too kind. No matter where you go, even when your body is immortal, your heart is still that of human.

"A little message of cc for you..." Lelouch R3: the ressurection

Whenever you make a contract, at first you have no feelings for your contractor. However after spending some time together with them, you change. As your heart longs for love the most, the girl longing for love would appear. You become confused, and finally come to conclusion: You are really an idiot. Then why make contract?

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How could you have feelings for the person you intended to use? Do you think I fell for your cheap ploys? For being manipulated by you, do you think I would hate you? Then what should she do? That he, the man named Lelouch Lamperouge, would not stop running toward death. He chose this path on his own will. She has on some episodes worn the Ashford Academy uniform and has her hair tied in twin-tails. This is done to slightly blend in with the student body so she can move around more freely, to pass messages to Lelouch or just to simply find more pizza.

However, she does express some emotions later in the first season and at several points in the second when in the presence of Lelouch.

How Well Do You Know Lelouch Vi Britannia?

When she locks her memories away, she regresses to how she was hundreds of years ago, fearful and open. However, when she regains her memories, her personality reverts back. Kallen suspects that C.

code geass lelouch and cc relationship quiz

Backing this up is that C. She also doesn't age. Apart from her immortality, C. A Geass sigil appears on her forehead whenever she manifests this power, and she has a similar scar on her left breast. Her powers caught the interest of Britanniawho imprisoned her for experimentation purposes.

In the first season finale, C. Through this, Lelouch sees memories of her past, including repeated "deaths". This would suggest a minimum lifespan of at least five centuries. In a special feature included in the series' fifth DVD, she and Lelouch discuss Washington's Rebellion, a failed version of the American Revolution, during which she speaks of participants such as George Washington and Benjamin Franklin as if she had been close friends with both.

In the past, she appears to have observed Suzaku and Lelouch when they were both children, having even interacted with Lelouch at one point, though he doesn't remember their meeting. Her individual experiences have led C. She tells Lelouch that she has been alive so long that she can no longer remember who loves her and who hates her. Due to her nature and history, she has been lonely as long as she can remember.

Lelouch replies, "You're not alone. If you are a witch, then I am a demon. This is also seen in the second season, as she kindly teases him more often. However she claims that she has been selfish, keeping Lelouch alive just so that she could be able to die. In episode 23 of the second season, Suzaku asks her to be Lelouch's shield, defending him from his enemies while Suzaku strikes down those enemies as Lelouch's sword.

In episode 5, she purposely makes use of her contract to make it sound like it was an engagement in front of Nunnally and in one Sound Episode, she said to Nunnally that both she and Lelouch are 'busy' making Nunnally misunderstand. When left alone, she has sometimes spoken to a previously unknown person through means unknown, which, in episode 23, was revealed to be MarianneLelouch's "deceased" mother, although in episode 19 it appears that she is talking to V.

According to the DVD Magazine 02, she is talking to more than one person when she seems to be talking to herself.

code geass lelouch and cc relationship quiz

It was actually Shirley who gave the nickname Lulu and thats when everyone found out she had a crush on him. The tittle of this section is small crush but now that I think about it, it wasn't that small. Shirley would go to Lelouch's best friend Suzaku and ask him about Lulu.

Of course he found out as well and tried to call Lelouch to get an answers about there relationship and if he likes Shirley. She is very shy so she doesn't want Lulu to know about her crush. Shirley would also get really jealous of Kallen as well!

Lelouch and C.C. together forever | Code Geass Contract | Pinterest | Code geass, Coding and Anime

It was because she thought she saw them kissing and would keep asking questions. Shirley would finally get the guts to ask out Lelouch to a concert. Well she didn't actually ask him, she forced him to come but I believe she was scared of getting rejected so she had to force him.

Lulu was busy with the black knights but does show up and finds Shirley. We see Shirley in the rain like a ghost and when Lulu starts talking Shirley asks a question about Zero. Earlier Zero killed other people from Britannia and one of them was Shirley's father and she just wanted to know why. Shirley was really depressed and for comfort kissed Lelouch. Lelouch didn't stop her as she was asking for his help. On the day of the funeral she does apologize as she realizes that it was wrong.

code geass lelouch and cc relationship quiz

We do see Lelouch really upset as he did not want to hurt Shirley in any way. I mean after seeing this scene its obvious they both care for each other. Shirley needed Lulu's help to get through her depression and Lulu felt horrible as he was the one who killed Shirley's father. Shirley of course didn't want to believe it but she followed him only to find out that Zero is actually Lelouch! This is when Shirley is very conflicted because she does love Lulu however he is the reason that her father is dead.

We then see a man named Mao who also has a geass and used his powers to manipulate Shirley. In fact it did work as Shirley shot Lulu but missed. C handles Mao, Lelouch and Shirley start to have a very heartwarming moment. They both feel regret and sorrow and all Shirley wanted was Lelouch to be there for her.

Due to the path Lelouch is going in he couldn't allow Shirley to suffer so he erased all her memories.

We do see Lelouch with sadness as he mentions that he lost a friend and now cant laugh or argue with her again. He than thanks Shirley for all the memories they shared. Shirley was a bit upset at first since Lelouch had so many dates but the thing is it wasn't him. A ninja of the black knights named Sayoko transformed into Lelouch and was getting all these dates. Poor Lelouch as he had to handle Shirley's anger. The next day there was an event going on at school called Cupid Day and whoever switch hats will become girlfriend and boyfriend.

Of course all the girls were after Lelouch and when nobody could find him Milly offered 10x the pay to whomever finds him.

Lelouch and Shirley later get to be alone and have an honest conversation. Lelouch admits that he likes Shirley! Shirley then tells Lelouch to close his eyes and she switched hats. Milly created this event for Shirley and Lelouch since its obvious they both care about each other. This might have been a small game but it made Shirley and Lelouch much closer than before!

Shirley happened to get her memories back when Jeremiah used his geass canceler. When Shirley got her memories back she was beyond confused.

She didn't know what to believe and decided to talk to Sazaku. However Lelouch shows up and it was all pretty awkward. Unfortunately for Shirley she would start overreacting and was about to jump off a cliff until Lelouch and Sazaku saves her. We can hear Lelouch saying how much she means to him and how she didn't want to lose her.