Claire and sylar relationship quiz

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claire and sylar relationship quiz

See how well you do in the Heroes quiz. What is Peter and Nathan"s relationship What animal did Claire claim she and Zach were researching for a school project True or false:Sylar wants to kill the superpowered humans because he. "Sylaire" is a fan-created coined to describe the relationship between the two characters Sylar and Claire Bennet. Relationship Status looking for love. If most people who obtained powers are struggling to become heroes, Sylar is well on his way to being Claire Bennet.

The FBIwho is investigating Linderman, gives Nathan a wiretap to wear so that they can gather evidence. He also helps Hiro sneak into Linderman's casino hotel to steal the sword he needs. Just before Nathan goes to meet Linderman, Niki Sanders confronts him and tells him that Linderman's people know of his plans, including that he wears a wire, and plan to kill him. She advises him to either accept a deal with Linderman or run with his whole family.

Nathan refuses, suggesting instead that he should kill Linderman. Niki gives him her gun and tells him to knock her out, to prevent her more ruthless alter-ego, Jessica, from seizing control. Nathan takes the gun and punches Niki. A nervous Nathan goes down to the kitchen to shoot Linderman. Linderman, anticipating Nathan's actions, calmly reasons that if Nathan were to shoot him, his men would kill Nathan within moments.

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Linderman then tells Nathan that he can give him answers, stating that he knows about his abilities. He offers him the seat in Congress, suggesting that it will lead eventually to the White House, "a heartbeat away from the Presidency. While Nathan is troubled that he will lose his brother and is devastated when he sees the dead body of Peter at his mother's house, he believes that it is Peter's destiny to explode. Later, Nathan meets his biological daughter, Claire, for the first time.

Though he tells her that he can't deal with her in his life right now because of the election, he does add that he wants her to return after the election is over so they can be a family. With someone else having the ability to explode, Peter is hopeful that the explosion can be stopped.

Nathan is doubtful, and points out that Peter's vision was of his own explosion. Peter responds that he had a vision of flying as well, despite the fact that it was Nathan who could fly - a fact that impresses Claire. After Peter and Claire leave, Nathan makes a phone call, saying "Mr. Linderman, we have a problem.

Upon arriving, they see Nathan meeting with Thompsonwhom Claire recognizes as her adoptive father's old boss. She identifies him to Peter as the man she is running from. Thompson and Nathan, meanwhile, discuss the planned explosion, and Thompson tells Nathan not to worry or have second thoughts. Thompson tells Nathan that Mr.

Linderman has a grasp on the situation and that they are aware of who Sprague is. Nathan is upset that he was kept in the dark about Sprague. Later, Nathan's mother arrives and reveals her part in the planning of the explosion in New York. She tells Nathan that after a catastrophe like this, a leader is needed, and tells him that he needs to be that leader. Nathan then encounters Hiro again and Hiro tells him what happens to him in the future. Nathan, however, tells Hiro that the explosion cannot be stopped.

Hiro then calls him a villain as Nathan waves to the cameras and drives away. Much later, in " Landslide ", Linderman delivers on his promise and, with Micah Sanders' help, assures Nathan's win as Congressman by a majority of votes. At the same time, Linderman uses his healing powers to restore Heidi's legs as a gift to even further keep Nathan on his side.

In " How to Stop an Exploding Man ", the finale to Season 1, Nathan appears committed to the fact that Peter will explode, destroy the city, and kill millions; paving his way to power and the destiny designed by Linderman and others.

claire and sylar relationship quiz

However, Claire, who has been strong-armed into traveling into Paris with Angela, shames him into changing his mind, stating that the "future isn't written in stone. After saying, "You saved the cheerleader so we could save the world," Nathan grabs Peter and flies far into the stratosphere. With the other heroes looking to the sky, Peter detonates miles above the ground, instead of destroying New York City. Generations[ edit ] In " Four Months Ago Peter rescues Nathan from falling after his explosion.

After regaining consciousness, his mother told him that the Coast Guard never found Peter's body.

claire and sylar relationship quiz

He recovered after being injected with Adam Monroe 's regenerative blood. In " Four Months Later In the opening scenes, he is seen bumping into Ando Masahashi on the street.

He has presumably resigned from his office, [2] and his wife and children have left him due to his erratic behavior. After a confrontation with his mother, who blames Nathan for Peter's apparent death, he goes to a bar for a drink. Claire calls him to tell him how she is coping, and Nathan glances in the mirror. In the mirror, a severely scarred image of himself appears. In " Fight or Flight " he goes to Philadelphia to help Matt Parkman find his father, with the intention of finding out who really murdered Kaito Nakamura.

Nathan's mother, Angela, confesses to the murder under duress. When Maury Parkman is confronted with the fact that Matt has the same powers, he agrees to tell them everything; however, instead of helping them, he uses his power to trap them in their own personal nightmare before leaving the apartment.

Nathan is on top of the Deveaux Building, watching helplessly as New York burns in the aftermath of the explosion. He is then confronted by himself, still scarred from his attempt to rescue Peter. A fight ensues between him and his disfigured self, which ends when Matt inserts a thought in Nathan's head, causing them to realize they are actually fighting one another. They then find another photo marked with the Symbol, this time of Bob.

claire and sylar relationship quiz

In " Out of Time ", Nathan confronts Bob about the original 12 members of The Company and it is the first time he is told that Adam Monroe, and not Linderman, founded the shadowy organization. Nathan also learns from Bob that his brother, Peter, is still alive, although Bob admits that they lost track of him. In " Four Months Ago In " Powerless ", Nathan convinces Peter of Adam Monroe's intentions to release the Shanti virus and cause worldwide devastation.

After the destruction of the virus, Nathan decides that they must schedule a press conference to make their abilities known to the public. It is his hope that public awareness will help stop the actions of the Company. Near the conclusion of his speech, as he is about to announce his ability of flight, Nathan is shot twice in the chest and lies in Peter's arms. Villains[ edit ] Nathan is rushed to the hospital with Peter and Matt in tow, and appears to have died.

However, he revives seconds later next to Peter, and has an epiphany ; he believes that God has given him a second chance at life. Nathan now believes that he must do God's bidding, but he is now haunted by an apparition of Linderman that only he can see and hear.

He is later contacted by Tracy Strauss and is asked to take over the position of the late Senator. He mistakes Tracy for Niki Sandersas the two look exactly alike. The position would be Nathan's second chance at politics, and Linderman persuades him to take this opportunity. Nathan accepts after a small amount of time to himself. After taking the position, he notices that Tracy is nowhere to be found. He heeds Linderman's advice and tries to contact her.

He eventually saves her from committing suicide by jumping into the Potomac River by flying and catching her as she leaps off a bridge. They are later seen sitting together in a room and, as Nathan had revealed his powers, Tracy reveals her power to him by freezing his drink.

He takes her by her hands and notes that they are not even slightly cold. The two then share a kiss. In the episode " Angels and Monsters ", Nathan and Tracy have consummated their relationship. Tracy explains to Nathan that she accidentally killed an innocent man and that she must turn herself in to the proper authorities.

Nathan reassures her that it was not her fault and that God has given them these abilities for the betterment of mankind. Tracy reacts to the statement with bewilderment and reveals that it was not divine interventionbut rather that their abilities are man-made and were manufactured by a doctor in Reseda, California. In order to get closure to Tracy's claim, Nathan seeks out his mother Angela, knowing that she would have information.

Angela explains that not every individual who possesses powers has the necessary genetic code to do so. She seems to already be fully aware of Tracy, Niki and Barbara's existence. It is revealed that Dr. Zimmerman created a synthetic variation of the code and imbued certain newborns Nathan, Tracy and her siblings being amongst them with abilities. Infuriated and hurt, Nathan scolds his mother for using him and other innocent children as guinea pigs and storms out of her office along with Tracy.

In the episode " Dying of the Light ", Nathan and Tracy are still reeling from Angela's revelation about their condition. The "Heroes" click to play it. Question by author bek Mohinder is a genetics professor from India. Black Sheep click to play it. The chest An unknown assassin shoots Nathan twice in the chest just as he was about to expose his power to the world.

The end of the episode leaves his fate undetermined. The Antagonist of "Heroes" click to play it. Question by author honey Maury Parkman Molly told Matt Parkman that the guy is worse than Sylar because he could see Molly when she tried to find him. In season two, it was shown that the guy was Maury Parkman, Matt Parkman's father.

I have the power to heal others. I also collect art from many different artists and time periods.

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Nathan Petrelli Chandra Suresh Mr. Part 2 click to play it. Her, Angela and Noah then leave the building just as Meredith completely loses control of her ability consuming herself, Sylar and the whole building in flames.

A Clear and Present Danger Claire is going over college brochures when Angela comes in and says that an elite education is vital.

claire and sylar relationship quiz

Claire isn't so sure but Angela insists she try to have a normal life. Claire worries about Sylar but Angela insists that he is dead. Her granddaughter doesn't believe her, saying that her father keeps going on trips and she'll find Sylar if no one else believes her. An Invisible Thread Claire goes to find Nathan not realizing that Sylar has beaten her there and has already knocked him out and assumed his appearance.

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Sylar tries to wake Nathan up in order to "suck out" his memories, but has to resign to drawing what he needs from Nathan's cuff links.

Nathan's aide enters the room, with Sylar facing the other way, and announces that Claire is there to see him. Sylar morphs into Nathan and turns around. He tells her to send Claire in. Claire walks into his office, but is weary about whether or not she's meeting her father or Sylar. Sylar touches her necklace to get the memories of her and Nathan in Mexico in order to convince her he's Nathan. She wishes to accompany him to warn the President of Sylar, and Sylar agrees she should come.

Claire doesn't notice Nathan's body in the bathroom, even when Sylar leaves the door open. He slips on Nathan's jacket and the two head off to the Stanton Hotel. Sylar signs in with his left hand, which Claire does notice. Sylar claims to be ambidextrous, but Claire is suspicious.

They get in the elevator, where an agent named Frank accompanies them up to the Presidential suite. Claire hears her phone ringing and checks to see who it is before answering. Noah asks her if she's alright, and Claire tells him she's with Nathan. When Noah asks her how she's sure it's Nathan, the Claire on the phone shushes the real Claire and turns back into Sylar.

Noah is shocked to learn who he is really speaking to. Sylar hangs up and proceeds to make Claire pour them some wine. He tells her about his father, and then reminds her that everybody eventually dies—except for them. He proposes that Claire might one day come to love him, and tells her that she could be his First Lady. Claire, however, swears that she will try to kill him every day for the rest of her life.

Peter and Nathan are shown to the top floor by an agent named Jason, and arrive at the Presidential suite just as Sylar throws Claire out of the room. Sylar charges his hands for battle, as Claire prompts the Petrelli's forward.

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Nathan and Peter fly into the room, with the door slamming shut behind them. Claire tries to open the door, but is forced to watch through the crack instead.

claire and sylar relationship quiz

A brief duel commences, resulting in Sylar and Nathan flying out the window. Claire rushes in and finds Peter, unable to fly. They go downstairs while, back in the hotel room, Nathan is thrown by Sylar onto a piano. Sylar then slits Nathan's throat and watches him bleed to death. He comments that Claire will be very mad at him before shape shifting into Nathan, and leaving the room.

Gretchen suggests that her friend might want to talk, but Claire says she needs to figure it out on her own. Gretchen takes her hand and Claire pulls away so she can go to her next class.