Cj and danny relationship

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cj and danny relationship

It's an apartment, and Danny is underdressed CJ and Danny appear to have . she wasn't, apparently they don't have that kind of relationship. It's funny how a reporter commented when asked by TWWW about how much he hates Danny and his unprofessional relationship with CJ. The relationship between C.J. Cregg and Danny Concannon was actually based on the real-life relationship between Clinton White House.

In Season 6, Episode 10, a media report asserts she was the first player to dunk a basketball in Ohio high school history. She graduated from West Dayton High School, and in the season 4 episode "The Long Goodbye" set in late or earlybetween the Christmas and Inauguration episodes she attends what is presumably her 20th high school reunion, making her approximately 38 years old in 34 when she joined the Bartlet campaign. A National Merit ScholarC.

She later earned a master's degree in political science from the University of California, Berkeleyand it is revealed in Season 1 Episode 21 that she is considered an expert in polling models; her undergraduate major is never disclosed. Coincidentally, she is fired from that job on the same day that Toby Ziegler comes to California to ask her to join the Bartlet campaign. He tells her Josiah Bartlet was impressed by the work C. She is less than pleased to discover that her Secret Service codename is "Flamingo", a bird which C.

During the third season, C. Shortly after going off-duty, Donovan is shot and killed after becoming caught up in the armed robbery of a New York City grocery store in the episode "Posse Comitatus".

In the seventh season when C. At series' end, she and Danny are learning how to have a romantic relationship with each other. In the fifth season, it is revealed that C.

She tells Toby that she considers that night to be one of the greatest mistakes of her life. She is recommended by Leo himself, giving the President a list of "just one name".

In spite of initial warmth the pressroom gives C.

cj and danny relationship

While her subsequent performance as chief of staff appears at first to be procedural in nature and lacking the independent advice which McGarry brought to the position, C. By the seventh season, C. She successfully navigates the murky waters of UN politics, setting up a UN Security Council resolution to end the real-life humanitarian crisis in DarfurSudan. She initially declines, but tells Hollis the best way to spend his money is to start building proper roads in Africa in order to make it easier to get food and services to people in need, and if there is money left over to start on the plumbing.

Hollis is deeply impressed with this response, particularly when C. She feels obligated to take the position in the Santos Administration, but is convinced by Danny Concannon to do what she wants, which is to take Hollis's money and change the world. In the opening episode of the final season, a flash-forward to the time of the dedication of the Bartlet presidential librarythree years after the end of his presidency, reveals that C. Reception[ edit ] Throughout the seven season run of the show, the critical reception towards C.

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Writing for The AtlanticJohn Reid says that "her capability and combination of strength and simple compassion represented the fantasy of the Bartlet White House better than anyone", the publication also ranks her as the best character from the series.

In their ranking of the best characters from all the television series created by Sorkin, Vultureranks C. Absent all the standard office-gal tropes—the bitchiness and hysteria and irrational competitiveness—C.

It is a man from a company called Hollis - when CJ tries to postpone the meeting, she is informed that it is actually Mr Hollis himself. I think I'm meant to be impressed. I think this mainly because Will and Kate Will and Kate are in the room by now, by the way are near wetting themselves at the fact that this 'Hollis' is in the building.

I'm thinking he might be a pop star. He is a computer spod, I think. I say this mainly because he has an air of Bill Gates and the wardrobe of Steve Jobs. He seems to be a very rich man who wants to give CJ lots of money to do charitable things.

Or run his charity. She says she would spend it on highways in Africa. She decides to think about the job. On the way out, she bumps into Margaret, who seems intuitively to decide that CJ's taking whatever GatesJobsHollis is offering.

Well, of course she will. What are we, stupid? Oh I'll look it up in a second. There is talk of a running battle for a district in Oregon. Not sure where this is going, but Will's little puppy face lights up. CJs office Back to CJ. When did this turn into the CJ Show, anyway? Because it really, really has of late, and So here's Andy - ex-wife of Toby and mother of his invisible children. What does she want, apart from to come back to say goodbye, and be a bit cool and feisty while she's there?

She's wondering if Toby is on the list of people requesting a presidential pardon. CJ checks with Charlie about the list. Toby's not on it. It seems that one has to ask to be on it. And Toby hasn't asked. Can I say Toby again? More dull budget storyline guff: CJ and Will walk out, and do pedeconferencing outdoors.

This is a variant on the sport, I assume. I feel like I should be recording how many steps are taken during these last two episodes, really. Some kind of pedeconferenc-o-meter or something. And take a drink. If I was drinking, which I'm not, of course.

Are you allowed to work a the White house underage? Ronna, can I just mention, is not a real name, and anyone who says it is is tickling your noodles. Matt Santos wants CJ to be a special counsellor. He wants her to help look after the Kazakhstan thing.

She's unsure of it all - and also about the fact that Rebulican nominee and loser Vinick has been given the Secretary of State job. Natty Mattie Santos, on the other hand, seems very sure.

He tells her he won't take no for an answer, that she should go away and think about it, and phone him and say yes in the morning. Well, I suppose if you can be cocky once in your life, it's probably when you've been elected leader of the free world.

I bet you can order pizza out of hours, too. CJ whines at Kate about this. They talk about Toby and the pardon situation, both in an unforgiving manner. CJ reveals she hasn't talked to Toby since the whistleblowing thing.

C.J. and Danny: Everything

And then lovely little Danny Concannon arrives. I know he's probably not actually little, but for some reason, on the television, I can't see him as anything but a little round gnome.

The West Wing Guide: C.J. & Danny

Also he stands next to CJ so much, and that's never going to help Anyone look tall. Kate goes and whines at Will that someone else got the NSA job. They talk a little about the Oregon situation that came up earlier and - ah, this'll be what that was all about - come to the conclusion that perhaps Will should run for office, and of course Kate should move him and live happily ever after.

Just like everyone else. Because as the sun has set, everyone has paired off and started knobbing. If Vinick and Margaret don't get it on by the end of the series I'm going to kick off.

CJ and Danny are out having a walk for lunch mm, filling. When Danny finds out about all CJ's offers, he asks whether she was ever going to consult him. Apparently, she wasn't, apparently they don't have that kind of relationship. How stupid IS this woman. The dull budget thing is revealed.

Apparently CJ and Bartlett are conspiring to make this budget sound really ove-the-top bad so that whatever Natty Mattie suggests instead will sail through much, much easier.

Not so dull now, eh? Well, yes, actually, still quite dull.

Goodbye, West Wing: scene-by-scene

Scene, um, 47 CJ has come to visit Toby. She has brought wine.

cj and danny relationship

He has made chicken. Although we are supposed to think Toby bad and wrong for blowing the whistle on the whole astronauts thing, that doesn't change the fact that a I'm still in love with him and b CJ seems to be quite fond of him too. They talk about how hard it is to be CJ today. They talk about the fact that Toby hasn't asked for a pardon, knows he wouldn't get one, and doesn't want one anyway. He's found a typo in the constitution, apparently. Is this sexual tension in the air between Ceej and Tobes?

Unless she really has a big thing for tiny weeny men with beards. When she leaves, they hug for a long, long time. I contain my jealous rage. And manage not to cry. Is this the last time we see Toby? Is this the last time we'll ever meet? Oh dear god, now I am crying. Cj knocks on another door. They have one of those heart-thuddingly lovely conversations that it is impossible to relate properly. It's kind of like the last scene in Four Weddings and a Funeral, but well acted.

And with no one saying 'Is it raining?

C. J. Cregg

Danny asks her if she wants to take Hollis's offer. Does she want to work at the White House anymore? She shakes her head, sadly, smiling. But admittedly, it is because I am scared that was the last I'll ever see of Toby. They don't show that, though. That would be silly. Wide angle shot of Washington. Montage with music - There's Santos, looking pensive and preparatory, Josh is in bed - there is Donna!

Donna is also in bed. CJ's in the kitchen. Do you need a specially designed kitchen if you're freakishly tall, I wonder? You can actually see the thinking. We move to the residence.

Abby and Jed that's the president and first lady, excuse my informality stand by that big cresent window and talk about the weather. It is cold, apparently. I am distraced from this poignant moment by the fact that Abby's forhead is the size and colour of the moon. I'm sure that's been growing, slowly, over the series. The music sweeps in. Good old WG Snuffy Walden, composer of sweep.

We cheer when we see his name. We cheer when we see everyone elses name, too. Sense of occasion, and that. Back to the future. They could have used that in the campaign.

Mindhole Blowers: 20 Facts About "The West Wing" That Will Make You Stand There In Your Wrongness

I see bumper stickers. They also talk about the weather. Hang on, there was no ad break! Oh no, hang on, now there is one. There is a trailer for the new Sorkin series. By heck, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip may have a reet silly name, but I'm still excessively excited about it.

A round man explains the process of chucking the outgoing president out of the White House. Apparently the second Natty Mattie takes the oath, thousands of the round man;s employees will scuttle through the place, removing all trace of the Bartlets like someone whipping a tablecloth out from under the china.

cj and danny relationship

I would be more sentimental about this if I hadn't just realised that only one person is reading this post, and that the only one person reading this thinks I'm sad. Apparently this is only a TV show.

cj and danny relationship

Good lord, I wish someone had told me that before, I feel such a fool. Meanwhile, back in the real world, there is an ice storm in New England.

cj and danny relationship

Everyone is talking about it. I think it may be a metaphor. Not sure what for. Interior; the office of the grand usurper Sorry, the President Elect. The schedule is busy, and Natty Mattie and Helen look excited, but nervous. I would be too. There are nine inaugural balls, we discover. This produces a vivid mental image combining The Full Monty and the gentlemen members of the West Wing cast that I'm finding it difficult to shake.

And, also, I don't really want to. Back to CJ, and she and Charlie are talking. Charlie tells her that this morning, the President rang and asked the pardonny people to add one more name to the list. She flips through the pardons. Jed Barlett walks to the Oval office. He looks approximately one thousand years old. CJ and pals enter, and tell him about the snow storm. Apparently there has been a train derailment between Exeter and Haverhill.

These are, apparently, towns in Massachusetts or New Hampshire, respectively. And also in Devon and Suffolk, respectively, though I can't imagine that's the line they're talking about in this, the last episode of the West Wing. Unless it's a metaphor.

Jed sorts out the situation with aplomb, telling the Governor he's just won himself a starring role in his autobiography. I'm going to try that next time I want something. I wonder if it works with second-class hacks and pizza delivery institutions CJ hands over the pardons. She points out, unsubtly, that Toby's is right at the back. Because otherwise he might not have bothered with them. Jed looks at the pardon. He looks at that baby hard. So hard, we cut to commercial.

After the break Oh! She is here to hand over a present. She found it among her fathers things, and knows he would have wanted Jed to have it on this day. She asks CJ to say hello to Sam for her. Blimey, is he coming back for a last hurrah too?