Borderlands 2 bunkers and badasses ending relationship

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borderlands 2 bunkers and badasses ending relationship

At the end of Borderlands 2, we can infer that the Vault Hunters are going say Krieg and Maya might have relations, which is weird but viable. Bunkers and Badasses was played AFTER the beginning of the Pre-Sequel?. Tiny Tina was one of the worst parts of Borderlands 2, but through her set up Bunkers & Badasses, a D&D-like Borderlands-themed board game. silly relationship dramatics mucking up the moment during the campaign, Cap Announced Although the season pass for Borderlands 2 ended with the. A page for describing Characters: Borderlands 2 DLC Characters. Characters from Borderlands 2. Characters from the first game Characters from the.

From then on, you're exploring the entire imaginary landscape on Tina's terms, which results in some giggle-worthy location names and terrain altering, as well as a bundle of surprises.

Boney Pants Guy" are spawned to greet your Vault Hunter as the journey wears on, as it's clear Tina's storytelling is in dire need of improvement.

Each area is tailored to exude a classic western-RPG feel, with high fantasy-styled naming conventions. You'll explore the Forest of Tranquility, until Brick declares it's too boring for his tastes, at which point it then becomes the Forest of Being Eaten Alive by Trees.

Brick's outburst and Tina's subsequent editing is hilarious, and it's a blast to watch familiar BL2 personalities interact with each other while in-character.

Everything's had its own high fantasy makeover, with the vending machines themselves sporting attractive stained glass accents.

borderlands 2 bunkers and badasses ending relationship

There are also new class mods that reinforce the central theme, such as "Chaotic Neutral Sorceress" or "Lawful Good Ranger. Even treasure chests get in on the old-school adventure action, rolling you guessed it a D20 to determine the quality of loot you come away with. Spend a bit of eridium, and you can roll two D20s to up the ante.

Despite these augments, mission objectives aren't exactly novel: Find and collect X, defeat X, go to X. They're all culled from the outline of a generic fantasy adventure. The allure stems from the world's ever-changing environments, ambiance, and population. It's completely different from anything you've seen on Pandora, deftly incorporating elements that adhere to classic Borderlands convention while randomizing encounters and even the land around you at a moment's notice.

It brings to mind finicky DMs from real-world tabletop encounters, or even the artist who's constantly dissatisfied with his work; mind ever-changing and ideas ever-flowing. Unique to your quest is a grand boss battle that will take every bit of your manpower: It's a grueling but exhilarating encounter, one probably best with a group of friends at your disposal.

borderlands 2 bunkers and badasses ending relationship

You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: Scarlett disposes of him after she gets the fourth compass piece, for understandable reasons as well as the usual ones. Captain Blade The most feared pirate in history, and the one who buried the treasure Captain Scarlett and the others are looking for.

He was renowned as a pirate of great ruthlessness. A Father to His Men: He cared deeply for his men, and simply kept up the ruse to keep them in line.

When a crew member of his was caught stealing from him, Blade not only faked his execution but also gave him enough money to live comfortably. When they find out, they attack him, and he feels he can't bring himself to fight back. But then he does anyway. Beware the Nice Ones: Never hurt anyone until his crew attacks him, at which point he kills them all. Was forced to kill his entire crew after they found out his reputation was a sham, and he had never actually killed anyone.

Long dead by the time you reach the scene, but he drives the plot, and you hear about him in the ECHO logs he left behind. Though not a coward, he hated violence and swore to never kill. Somewhere along the line though, someone built up a reputation of him as a fearless, bloodthirsty cutthroat. He uses this to maintain order among his crew. According to Scarlett, Blade went insane later on in life, believing a conspiracy about sentient tacos. This might be related to him killing all of his crew members.

Torgue's Campaign of Carnage Voiced by: Chris Rager I'm Torgue, and I'm here to ask you one question, and one question only: Torgue had a rough childhood. During the Bar Brawl at Pete's Bar, he'll make a mention of an alcoholic father.

Mister Torgue doesn't hate anybody, and he actually goes out of his way to make friends with the Vault Hunters. He also breaks the fourth wall and tells players he loves them in the Borderlands: All There in the Manual: There's a lot of stuff in the AmA on Reddit that you don't learn in-game. Authority in Name Only: Despite being the founder of the Torgue Corporation, by the time of the Wattle Gobbler DLC, Torgue is no longer the head of his own company, having sold it to his shareholders and is simply a spokesperson kept on to flex his muscles and do air guitar solos.

He loses that job as well by the end of the DLC, not that it bothers him. Extends to the rest of his family. His middle name is his grandfather's first name, which is a tradition in his family.

He sports a prominent 'stache on his face. According to his grandma, he's had it since he was nine. Game reviewers who bash games he likes. This includes bad-mouthing mechanics he likes, such as a Stealth-Based Mission. Being rude to women deeply offends him.

He even lashes out at ill-mannered non-existent characters in Tina's boardgame: I'll never say anything douchey ever again! In the Pre-Sequel, he hates laser weapons because they're not explosive. During a mission where you get a light reactor for Janey Springs, he offers to give you a Torgue gun if you drop it into lava instead.

Janey thinks his offer is a bit excessive, but she likes his enthusiasm. Later on, at the end of a mission to test out a laser prototype for Janey, he'll have you drop the laser next to a beacon, and then crash a spaceship loaded with fifty tons of high explosive into it.

Borderlands 2: Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep - Game Movie (Storyline Playthrough) 1080p HD

He makes comments about how he considers the Vault Hunters attractive, no matter the gender or their appearance. Word of God confirms that he's bisexual. He's extremely muscular and ridiculously over-the-top personality-wise.

His weapon designs are very good and his company is one of the most successful on Pandora, even though he can't even count to ten. On the other hand, he's apparently read or understands Nietzsche and can be eloquent on exceedingly rare occasionsso it's possible he's just bored by math and would rather convert his calculator to an IED than do math problems.

Torgue loves nothing more than watching people fight and blow stuff up. Despite the fact that his extreme manliness is not often a good way to run a company, it's made clear that he's still incredible at designing weapons and running a TV station.

He designed them all himself! In case you hadn't figured out that the guy who always talks about fire likes fire, Mr. Torgue will gladly shout that fact at you. Also comes up when you beat Motor Mamma. He lets his imagination get the best of him sometimes. It may overlap with In-Universe Product Placementbut considering how bizarre this tangent got Looks a lot like Randy Savage.

A digital one that the corporate shareholders decided needed to be attached directly to Mr. He also held an AmA on Reddit. Also between the Pre-Sequel and Borderlands 2. In TPS after being turned down for a date by Janey, he complains of being "friend-zoned". Present day Torgue who is apparently listening in on Athena tell the story cuts in to point out that he was younger then, and now realizes that the friend-zone is a sexist concept. Makes it obvious he does not approve of them when you sign up for his tournament.

Torgue has no regard for anyone's personal safety, loves to make things explode, and never thinks about the consequences of his actions for one moment. However, it's played in a rather comical and endearing light as opposed to a villainous one, so he comes across as awesome, yet completely out of his mind.

Plus, in his bio it states that his worst enemies are explosives disposal experts, so he's certainly not into THAT aspect of demolitions expertise. He's definitely got the muscle and quite a bit of the required dumb he writes everything in crayon and struggles to count to two. But he's more of a Genius Ditz than anything else: His intro in his starring DLC pretty much sums up what kind of person he is.

Grandmother, in this case. Where Jack is smooth, cultured, arrogant, cruel, well-dressed, and tries to build a perfectly-ordered world enforced by fascist policies of mass execution, intimidation, and terror, Mr.

Torgue is friendly, kind, anarchic, loud, crude, childish, and focused on destruction. Was made fun of in school for having a mustache at age nine. Friend to All Children: Well, Tiny Tina's the only child you encounter in the game, but Torgue is very polite to her when she takes over his show in one echo cast. He founded the Torgue Corporation and personally designed all the weaponshas a very good grasp of how to run a TV show, and he's absurdly good at predicting what's going to happen.

borderlands 2 bunkers and badasses ending relationship

While he's never stated to be from Sweet Home Alabamathe Deep SouthAmericaor even from Earth, he definitely ticks most of the boxes: Trigger Happyexplosion-lovingshotgun-wieldingspace-truck-drivinguneducated Gun Nut. He founded the Torgue company, one of the more Gun Nut -oriented companies.

He's a good guy who wants to do good things and help Pandora, but Good Is Boring and explosions are awesome so all that "good" stuff can wait thankfully his shareholders keep him from doing anything too destructive. Once, tried to destroy an inhabited planet just because it would look badass, while he and his shareholders were on said planet.

Contrary to his imageTorgue actually considers being nice to women the epitome of badassitude. He also seems to like kids, as he instantly bonds with Tiny Tina when she interrupts him while he's interviewing Moxxi.

Also, he likes chocolate chip cookies. So much that the only two things the food dispensers provide are cookies and bacon. During his IAmA on Reddit, he was asked how he eats stew: He also dislikes cheating and cowardice. He instantly takes a liking to you as you climb the ranks of the tournament because not only are you actively seeking out challengers but you also fight clean.

He also loves animals, having cried when his grandma's pet Rakk died and when his Grandma was about to kill a Squid-Whale which was apparently attacking them at the time he begged her to spare it. His Name Really Is "Barkeep": Mister Torgue is his actual first name.

This is not a man who does anything by halves. Everything he does, he throws himself into with a passion, be it showing emotions, designing weapons, or just being loud. Despite being a weapons manufacturer, Torgue's company seems to spend all of it's money on explosions and fighting rather than, y'know, anything company relevant. However, this might just be Torgue's poor management skills as President Smith has next to no tolerance for his shenanigans, eventually firing him for ruining their Thanksgiving publicity stunt.

You may have noticed that everyone here is trying to kill you. In the Wattle Gobbler DLC, when President Smith tells him that the reason that the competition was rigged was so Torgue himself could kill it and be a hero, he answered back with this. You are the dumbest person in the world. His solution to a batch of poisoned beer is to have you kill the people who bought the beer.

That way, they wouldn't die He also has you do a recording while using Torgue Weapons to kill people for an ad. Unlike the other times, he doesn't catch this one. Bonds instantly with Tiny Tina, and hopes to hire her someday. It helps that they both love explosions.

Tiny Tina – How Dragon’s Keep Changed my Mind

He even has her cell phone number. Very frequently, often to the point of absurd obviousness. Large and in Charge: CEO-Founder of the Torgue Corporation, and clocks in at 6'8" and several hundred pounds of explosion-obsessed musculature. By the end of the DLC, Smith fires Torgue for screwing up what was meant to be a publicity stunt as well as just having enough of his bullshit.

Almost all of Torgue's lines are delivered at the top of his lungs. Just look at the dialogue on this page! Not Torgue himself, but it's stated in his bio that his planet of origin is Hephaestus. Hephaestus was the Greek god of craft, the forge and volcanoes and hence, explosions. He himself is a master craftsman having developed all the technology his company's guns use and he loves shit blowing up.

This could also be foreshadowing: Hephaestus was married to the most beautiful goddess of the Greek pantheon, Aphrodite. At the end of his DLC, he becomes partners with Moxxi, generally recognized as the hottest female in the franchise. Perhaps he's on his way to becoming Husband 4? And then there's his middle name of High-Five, and his last name of Flexington, which are just silly.

Surprisingly enough, he's pretty aware of what's going on, to the point of Breaking the Fourth Wallat least in-universe. Uh, no, You, uh There's also his opinion of current Tournament Champ, Piston: Even though he declares you a coward after Piston claims that you ran away, he sends a message to you basically saying that he only did it for the ratings: And after you rank up to Number 3 on the list, Piston locks down the next area that you're currently heading to.

The announcement of the lockdown happens right in the middle of Torgue's talking, so he follows up with this. And neither do badasses, which is why it's illegal for you to after signing up for his tournament. Mike Nelson, Destroyer of Worlds: Once tried to destroy an inhabited planet, while he and his shareholders were on it.

borderlands 2 bunkers and badasses ending relationship

His shareholders managed to talk him out of it. His message in Reddit turns this into a Noodle Incident. He's actually a Nice Guy and has genuinely good intentions, but his adoration of people fighting and blowing stuff up places him here. Aside from the occasional over-the-top bout of bloodthirsty madness, he's pretty much everything Handsome Jack's not. Ecologically sensitive about Pandora: And kind to children, giving Tiny Tina an interview when she barges into an interview between him and Moxxi.

Given what we see of the other weapons manufacturers' corporate policies towards the people of Pandora, including their own employees, in various and mixed flavors of apathy, Comedic Sociopathyand incompetence and the Vault Hunters in particular, Mr.

Torgue is the most genuinely friendly, well-meaning, and reasonable executive since Jeffrey Blake, VP of Hyperion, from the first Borderlands. This means he is also possibly the most crazy and explosion-happy Honest Corporate Executive in existence, as his aforementioned Bad Boss tendencies are less about just being a cruel asshole for its own sake, and more about being much too dedicated to the idea of over-the-top, insanely awesome fights.

In his Twitter, he refuses to use exclamation points, since they look like upside down lower-case i's, and he doesn't do lower-case letters. One of the Kids: Severely downplayedbut still there, mostly in his almost instant bonding with Tiny Tina. Enters several of his own employees in the tournament. According to him, he's lost at least half of his workforce in three days because of this. Unlike Handsome Jack however, he isn't cruel so much as simply short-sighted. It's played downbut still, he writes everything in crayon and eats almost nothing but cookies, and then there's his love of kittens, overall childishness, the list goes on.

Borderlands 2 'Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep' DLC review: Roll for initiative, suckas

He also instantly bonds with Tiny Tina as a kindred spirit, which says a lot about him. Real Men Eat Meat: Alluded to by signing up for his tournament has him say you've legally forfeited your right to eat tofu.

The food vendors in the Crater of Badassitude only dispense bacon He did try to become a vegetarian once. He lasted twelve seconds. Real Men Hate Sugar: But averted for Mr. Torgue - the man loves himself some cookies. Real Men Wear Pink: When you pick her up, Torgue starts Squeeing over how cute she is. Then again, she does have a live grenade for a head. Torgue would like that.

After Piston backstabs you early on, he's forced to officially call you a coward.