Baelish and sansa relationship tips

baelish and sansa relationship tips

“I think Sansa might just be done with relationships at this point,” Turner Petyr “ Littlefinger” Baelish, whose unrequited love for Sansa's late. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. The Game of Thrones Season 6 finale left Sansa at an interesting place. Meanwhile her relationship with Baelish is "questionable," but she's.

This is the terrific backstory of a man who we would consider one of the George R. He has a sharp tongue at times, especially when dealing with Ned Stark in A Game of Thronesbut he knows when to sheathe that tongue, and his real talent lies in his ability to win influence and power, without ever exposing himself to mortal danger.

Every risk he takes is calculated, and though the simple reality of a lowborn lord trying to win the game of thrones comes with inherent danger, he knows how to protect himself within his ambition.

baelish and sansa relationship tips

The same cannot be said of the corresponding character in the TV shows. On HBO, Baelish is by turns peevish, impulsive to the point of recklessnessand transparent. Sansa confronted Littlefinger over his heartless sale of her to Ramsay Bolton, just about the most evil character in Westeros this side of Joffrey.

Martin put on the page. Littlefinger never sent Sansa to marry Ramsay in the books.

At the end of A Dance With Dragons, Jeyne Poole, beaten, raped repeatedly, undoubtedly scarred for life in every possible way, is on the run with Theon.

He rightly knows that even though the Stark family is decimated and scattered across two continents, the name still commands the most respect out of any in the North. As we know, things have progressed very differently on HBO. In marrying the actual Sansa to Ramsay, he both gave the Bolton Bastard a legitimate claim to Winterfell and squandered whatever influence he had over Sansa.

baelish and sansa relationship tips

Now, she hates her one-time savior, to the point that she nearly refused his help in retaking Winterfell—which would have denied him even a meager slice of that pie. His only saving grace, as usual in the show, was luck. At one point, he even bought off a lord of the Vale to threaten him with violence in the most extreme way possible, forcing a counter-reaction from his enemies and buying him time and influence.

Dude makes a winking reference to her incestual relationship with Jaime. How stupid can you be? What does Baelish possibly have to gain from saying something so incendiary to Cersei Lannister? Absolutely nothing, except the near-death experience that comes to him. What Baelish does in this scene is rash and reactive, and makes him look sneaky and untrustworthy, which is the exact opposite of his nature as depicted by Martin.

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For book loyalists, this departure from character was perhaps the most intellectually offensive scene in the entire series. Petyr is an expert at playing Cersei, and to see him at her mercy is a total betrayal of character. And he makes another incest joke!

baelish and sansa relationship tips

None of this, needless to say, happens in the books. Which brings us to the worst perversion of Littlefinger brought on by the show: I'll just write about how the relationship between these two characters has developed.

baelish and sansa relationship tips

He told Sansa some dark secrets about the Hound's past and introduced himself to her as a friend of the family. Time passes and nothing really happens between these two, until the Tyrells arrive in King's Landing. Joffrey is not betrothed to Sansa any longer now because of Margaery and just when Sansa thought she could finally go home, Littlefinger is right on the spot to shatter her dreams and tell her that that would not happen.

He does promise her that he would help her to get her out of King's Landing, though. However, Sansa tells him that King's Landing is her home. Time passes by and Littlefinger has to leave now and wants to take Sansa with him.

Sansa, however, refuses Littlefinger's offer once again because Margaery told her that she would marry Loras once Joffrey and her are married and that she'd go to Highgarden - It sounds like a dream come true for Sansa; Marrying a galant prince and visiting the most beautiful place in the Seven Kingdoms.

But of course, this is Game of Thrones and right before Littlefinger departs, Sansa receives word that she will have to marry the Imp, Tyrion Lannister. Sansa and Petyr are reunited on a boat which was bringing them to the Vale.

Baelish tells Sansa all about Joffrey's murder and this is also one of the scenes where we see Sansa's developement as a character: Scrutinising things and being suspicious of Littlefinger's deeds is showing us that she isn't as naive as she used to be. When asking Littlefinger why he did all those things that put his life at great risk, Petyr tells Sansa that one has to keep his foes confused hence they don't know what your next step is going to be.