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Hank Greenwald, who died Monday at age 82, delivered tough lessons that helped Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper make transition from field. “Kruk and Kuip do more than just broadcast our games. They are the connection between the Giants and many of our fans who follow us on our. The New Improved # – Call an inning with Kruk and Kuip. I am going to need a It truely is an incredible relationship that they have with the city and the Giants fans. I fully realized . Get an article published Game in.

Krukow pauses as his golden retriever, Bella, beckons for a game of fetch.

SF Giants Sign Kruk & Kuip to Contract Extensions – SF Giants Rumors

Bella readies into a spry crouch. Cocking his wrist back a hair, Krukow flings the yellow-green sphere—his off-speed stuff—as Bella gives chase, crunching through the ice-crusted snow. We really liked our home. After all, Krukow is in the midst of a fight that reminds him daily of how precious time is. Sure, not every day on the links is one for the books, Krukow knew, but if there was one thing he could count on, it was his big drive.

Then again, Krukow pitched 14 seasons in the major leagues, and ballplayers have injuries that resurface, nag and linger, he thought. So he ignored it—for years. A former pitcher, Mike Krukow can often be seen with a baseball in hand as he announces Giants games, photo courtesy S. Specifically, IBM causes progressive weakness of the muscles of the front thighs, wrists and fingers.

In fact, studies show that fewer thanAmericans have IBM. The majority of those affected are over the age of Besides all that, I have two boys to play, wrestle, spoil and chase around.

A Giant Friendship

The big news is surrounding my change to the list. I put it on the list after seeing a YouTube video of the place and thought it was neat. However when I went and watched it again it just seemed hanky and junky.

Still would be fun, and I will jump if I ever get a chance to do it, but I can live without it. I am going to need a miracle to pull this off. I have no idea how to get this done.

I mean even anywhere close to happening. Seriously, if anyone out there reads this and is owed a huge favor by either of these two, or the Giants, or the Comcast Sports Net people, please consider wasting it on my dream.

SF Giants Sign Kruk & Kuip to Contract Extensions

When I was a kid I always imagined that I would end up as shortstop of the Gigantes, but that dream has slowly been wrestled from my grasp. Cursed by inability to hit a curveball…slider, knuckle, fast, basically anything other than a straight down the pipe slow pitch.

Such is the remarkable power, appeal and wild popularity of Kruk and Kuip. Grab some pine, meat. And it does it with not one but two broadcasters, alternating days. They do it year-round. The always-energetic and upbeat musings of Kruk and Kuip are as welcome and well-received on a random Tuesday in mid-December as they are during the middle of a crucial three-game weekend series against the rival Dodgers during the dog days of August.

That both are former Giants players certainly helps. They are, quite simply, local gods. Krukow is a pioneer of sorts among color analysts. He takes you into the dugout and puts you right there on the bench with your heroes, talking the way they talk and teaching you that talk along the way.