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The Scarlet Letter: A love story? – Mariam Sulakian

Chillingworth begins to suspect that Dimmesdale is Pearl's father when Reverend Wilson and Governor Billingham are trying to take Pearl away from Hester. Hester Prynne and the Reverend Dimmesdale reach a turning point in their relationship in chapter 17 of The Scarlet Letter. What will become of. the maturation of two lovers, Hester Prynne and Arthur Dimmesdale, Hester and Dimmesdale's force of devotion presents itself in the three . The abusive relationship between Chillingworth and Dimmesdale leads to the.

Hester was devoted to preserving her lover. Throughout her life if there is anything Hester Prynne cared most that is her lover Arthur. She was ready to sacrifice her husband, her public reputation, her public image and her dignity for the sake for her lover Arthur Dimmesdale. In chapter sixteen, we come across one crucial element to prove that The Scarlet Letter is a love story.

When Hester knew that Arthur Dimmesdale was on his journey through a forest to the Apostle of Eliot, she went to meet him in the forest. Her real purpose of meeting with Arthur Dimmesdale is to know about his sufferings. She had also a sound advice for him. By meeting Dimmesdale, Hester told him to be wary for her husband Roger Chillingworth.

She advised Arthur that Roger Chillingworth is going to kill him by stimulating his guilty conscience. In addition, she put forward several alternative ways of saving his life from the persistently haunting presence of Roger Chillingworth.

On the basis of this event in the story we feel courageous to claim that The Scarlet letter is a love story, other things remaining the same. In chapter twenty there we see Dimmesdale on the scaffold ready for public confession. He himself was unable to climb the scaffold.

Though they may not have exhibited a grand entrance of their love to the world whence they were consumed with ignominy and guilt, their tale ends on the scaffold in a moment of passionate bliss between two estranged lovers finally and unashamedly together.

  • The Scarlet Letter as a Love Story

We felt it so! We said so to each other! Hast thou forgotten it?

The Scarlet Letter: A love story?

In fact, the intense passion and hope between the two lovers seems very much alive. Therefore, after years of concealing the burning A on his chest and drawing his hand over his heart, as if to assure that his sin was hidden, Dimmesdale reveals his secret to the community and releases its burden of guilt from his chest.

The very fact that his A compliments that of Hester demonstrates his penitence, through partly for the sin itself, for not having the strength to stand side by side with Hester. Therefore, he attempts to make up for his weakness and prove his love for Hester by physically scarring himself with the same A, a visible display of the level to which the sin has eaten at his soul.

After his discovery, "Chillingworth moves closer to the scaffold and imperiously bids her to name the father of her child" Martin Chillingworth repressed his instinctive emotional response to the situation. He was disappointed that his hope of gaining his wife's affection upon arrival was destroyed and he hated the man who had gained that affection. Usually a child is treated as an angel. But instead of it, she becomes the symbol of a sin.

She has to face some uncommon questions like who is her father, from where she comes.

The Scarlet Letter as a Love Story

No one welcome them. Hostile environment surrounds her. Chillingworth begins to suspect that Dimmesdale is Pearl's father when Reverend Wilson and Governor Billingham are trying to take Pearl away from Hester. Dimmesdale gives an eloquent representation for Hester, and Chillingworth says "You speak, my friend, with a strange earnestness" It is with this suspicion that Chillingworth begins to show "special interest" in Dimmesdale. When Chillingworth first appears in the community he is well received.