Abe woodhull and anna strong relationship

TURN in Real Life: Abraham Woodhull, Setauket, and the Real Culper Spy Ring

abe woodhull and anna strong relationship

Colonists Abraham Woodhull (Jamie Bell) and Anna Strong (Heather Lind) Consumed with jealousy, Abe acts to prevent the marriage by. Abraham Woodhull and Anna Strong Revisited . (Spy movie fans might recall M's blunt remark to James Bond in Skyfall: “Orphans always. Anna Smith Strong (April 14, – August 12, ) of Setauket, New York was an . Abraham Woodhull wrote a message to Benjamin Tallmadge to say that he It is speculated by Kilmeade and Yaeger that a young woman connected to a prominent Loyalist family, who was staying in the city with her Tory relations.

TURN in Real Life: Abraham Woodhull, Setauket, and the Real Culper Spy Ring

A number of close calls with British authorities had made both Woodhull and Robert Townsend jumpy. Townsend, in fact, had somewhat foolishly recruited his cousin James into the ring, who ended up being arrested by the Continental Army for allegedly being a British spy!

Townsend then decided he was through with espionage. Woodhull was unable to talk him out of it, and it took a meeting with Benjamin Tallmadge to convince him to continue spying, with the provision that he would only deliver information to Woodhull verbally. Sensing the volatile mental state of both his top operatives, General Washington decided to halt the operations of the Culper Ring.

abe woodhull and anna strong relationship

Not two months had passed, however, when Washington needed their services again. A French fleet was sailing into Rhode Island to attack British forces there, and Washington wanted information that could make the job of the French easier.

Washington sent Caleb Brewster out to Setauket to notify Woodhull of the situation. Since Woodhull was ill at the time, another spy named Austin Roe was sent to New York to get information from Robert Townsend, who sent a report back to Woodhull for forwarding to Washington.

The British knew the exact strength of the French fleet, and were going to wait for them to make harbor and ambush them. The intelligence provided by the Culper Ring prevented what might have been a terrible disaster, and was one of its most important triumphs.

Agent was the code name of a female spy during the American Revolution, part of the Culper Ring. Agent is one of the first spies for the United States, but her real identity is unknown.

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Arnold had defected to the British side after he became increasingly ticked off at the Patriots for not properly recognizing his achievements on the battlefield.

He began providing information to the British inand started a correspondence with Major John Andre, the head of British intelligence. One of the facts he provided was that a spy ring was operating on Long Island, and before long suspected spies were being arrested throughout the area.

Thankfully, no actual spies were arrested, and the Ring was able to continue its work, although Woodhull and Townsend were again understandably anxious. InWoodhull resigned from his duties.

He had recently married Mary Smith, and was afraid of putting his family at undue risk. Nevertheless, he continued to send letters to Washington, informing of anything of importance he came across.

abe woodhull and anna strong relationship

Woodhull immediately set to work attempting to collect the money due him for his services. Washington was annoyed; Woodhull had always made a fuss about payment during the war, but Washington saw fit to reward him for his invaluable service.

abe woodhull and anna strong relationship

As the British departed the colonies, a celebration was thrown in Setauket. He hardly ever spoke of his work as a spy. Two of his children, Elizabeth and Jesse, married into the Brewster family.

His wife Mary died inand inhe remarried. He died two years later, on 23 January Selah and Anna Strong lived out the rest of their lives quietly in Setauket. Benjamin Tallmadge became a wealthy investor, and in was elected to Congress. Devoutly religious, he founded a missionary school inand was known to be sharply critical of the institution of slavery. He died in Caleb Brewster joined what is today the Coast Guard inretired inand died in Robert Townsend went into business with his brother Solomon, but the business failed, and Townsend never got back on his feet.

He died a lonely man in Major Edmund Hewlett was in fact named Richard Hewlett, and he was actually married during the entirety of the war, and he and his wife had eleven children; there is no evidence of a relationship between him and Anna Strong either. Despite its inaccuracies, TURN: Interestingly enough, Heather Lind — the actress who plays Anna Strong — is currently 32 years old, making her pretty close to the age of the historical Anna at the beginning of the war.

Anna married Selah Strong, another Setauket native, in November ofwhen she was 20 and he was a month away from his 23rd birthday.

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Abraham Woodhull was only ten years old at the time. Needless to say, there was never any kind of engagement or betrothal between Abraham Woodhull and Anna Smith.

Heather Lind Discusses Playing Anna Strong In "TURN: Washington's Spies"

Anna was happily married and the mother to a handful of children before Abe even hit puberty. In the alternate universe of TURN, the fact that Abraham and Anna are married makes their affair even more dramatic, naturally. These three men did marry and have families of their own… eventually.

But while they were active members of the Culper Ring, they were all young bachelors with nothing left to lose, relatively speaking. They had no wives; they had no children; no one who depended on them for survival.

None of them were settled and established as the head of a prosperous business or farm, or even as the head of their own independent household which was not uncommon for unmarried men in the Northern colonies in their early 20s. For obvious reasons, unattached young men like Tallmadge, Woodhull, and Brewster made much more attractive recruiting targets for intelligence activities that, in the case of failure, often led to death or financial ruin.

To put it plainly: This rather cold and calculating fact still carries a lot of weight in the intelligence communities of today — both actual and fictional.